Clint Eastwood on Celebrity Interview

Mike, TV No Comment

David Letterman’s announcer, Alan Kalter, is one of my favorite people on TV. I’ve never heard him talked about anywhere outside of the show. He is consistently funny every time he has a segment. His celebrity interviews are always hilarious and interesting. He goes on a rant about how Dave stole his interview and starts cursing and saying horrible things about Dave, then he turns to the celebrity and gives it to them. It usually looks like the celebrity agreed to do it but had no idea how crazy it’s going to be. Most of them just laugh. Some are confused (Paris Hilton comes to mind). Clint was one of the more enjoyable ones. He got it and enjoyed the bit. I especially liked the end because I imagine Alan must have been scared to have to deliver his final assault on Clint Eastwood. I would have been terrified.

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