Christmas Gifts: Get Smart

Mike, TV No Comment

My most asked for gift, I gave many, many reminders, was Get Smart on DVD. I did get it and was thrilled. I opened it up and found the case to be, umm, clever?

1. Just a regular old boxed set

2. Oh, past the first door are some steel gates

3. Cool, the phone booth

4. Finally, the season boxes

5. A slipcover, is that really necessary?

6. Finally, the discs!

The case really isn’t that bad. I just thought it was hilarious how many steps it took to get to the discs. It isn’t nearly as ridiculous as the lastest season of The Simpsons with the Krusty head.

One word of warning. My friend also received Get Smart for Christmas. He went through all of these steps and when he got to the season boxes, Season 2 was missing! He got it taken care of, but how do you miss an entire season?

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