College Football Week 4 Recap

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Most conference play gets started this upcoming weekend. Based on what we’ve seen so far, here are our picks to win the BCS conferences.

Conference Mike Ahad Evan Matt
ACC Virginia Tech Wake Forrest Clemson Wake Forest
Big 10 Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State
Big 12 Missouri Oklahoma Oklahoma Missouri
Big East South Florida South Florida South Florida South Florida
SEC Florida Florida Florida Alabama

When I decided to ask the question, I thought there would be more variety. After doing the picks myself its hard to pick against USC, no one looks good out of the Big East except South Florida (good being a relative term), and with a strong Penn State connection among us and the team looking the best so far in the Big 10, another obvious choice.

Continuing on the predictive theme, Who will be in the SEC Championship game?
Mike – LSU/Florida
Ahad – LSU/Florida
Evan – LSU/Florida
Matt – Alabama/Florida

Quick Hits from the Past Weekend
Evan: If Ohio State were good, I would use him the way UF used Tebow. The thing is, OSU is not that good, Boeckman is not as great a college QB as Leak was. So I say just get started with the future now – Start Pryor the rest of the way.
Matt: So he threw 4 TD’s against Troy. Big deal! I really want to know what happened to Boeckman.
Mike: Was Boeckman doing poorly? He led this team to the championship game last year. Not surprising Pryor picked OSU now.

Evan: Chase Daniels Shmase Daniels. Tebow won’t get the numbers to win it again, simply because UF doesn’t need him to, I still think he should be invited to New York out of respect. Right now I like Sam Bradford if OU runs the table.
Matt: I am thinking Daniels, Sanchez, or Max Hall as a sleeper
Mike: ESPN hasn’t told me who to pick yet. So far, I’m picking Javon Ringer.

Evan: Garbage. Not for real. A flash in the pants.

Big Ten Preview?
Evan: Can’t really speak to this, but I’m feelin a Penn State year coming on.
Matt: I hadn’t realized PSU has lost 8 of its last 10 conference openers, so they best be careful. They should take the game though.
Mike: OSU still is a threat. I’m less convinced they can win the conference with Pryor starting. Wisconsin is always right there but always comes up short. I want to see how PSU handles Illinois but I think they have what it takes this year.

Evan: Great teams. Great game. What a conference.
Matt: Looked like a real good game from what I saw.

Wake Forest/FSU?
Evan: An exercise in futility. This was almost painful to watch. What’s really bad is that FSU got spanked by a bunch of guys that are a lot smarter than them too.
Matt: Didn’t see this game, but I am sure glad Bowden lost.

UCLA, bad?
Evan: Really bad.
Matt: Yup.
Mike: So much for knocking off USC.

Evan: I’d like to say that UF is just really good, but Tennessee has a lot of work to do. I loved all of the shots of Fulmer gyrating in disapproval.
Matt: Didn’t look good at all from what I saw of the game.
Mike: They LOST to UCLA. Until UCLA wins another game, Tennessee should be referred to as such.

What happened to the Ducks?
Evan: It’s the Janke jinx.
Matt: Boise State is back to its old tricks.
Mike: (shaking head in disgust)

Last Week’s Picks
Not a strong showing by the crew in the picks last week. Perhaps a lesson can be learned from this to not put too much into our conference picks if we all agree. Everyone agreed on three games last week and we were 1-2 in those games.

Evan Mike Ahad Matt
Boise St @ Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
Virginia Tech @ North Carolina Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
Wake Forest @ Florida St Florida St Wake Forest Wake Forest Florida St
LSU @ Auburn Auburn LSU LSU Auburn
Record (This Week) 5-5 (1-4) 6-4 (3-2) 6-4 (3-2) 3-7 (1-4)

Scores from Week 4

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