College Football Week 14 Recap

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Oklahoma/Oklahoma State
Evan: I changed my mind about 12 times during this game as to who I wanted to win. Oklahoma’s offense looks pretty explosive, but I still have suspicions about the defenses they have played this year. Would love to see them go down to Missouri and watch a small armed conflict break out in the plains.
Ahad: I had no doubt that the Sooners would pull this one out. I think right now, Oklahoma and Florida are the best teams in the country. If OU falls to Missouri next week, BSC chaos will take place.
Mike: There will be BCS chaos no matter what happens and there should be. If UF and OU deserve to go just because they are the ‘hottest’ teams in the country then why play the first 7 games of the season? Let’s just play 4 or 5 and then feel who is hottest.
Matt: BCS chaos has already taken place, or it could be more of a Big 12 South chaos. They are going to have to implement an interdivisional playoff just to go to conference championship games now. I don’t feel there is any way Oklahoma will fall to Missouri, but if it does, oh boy, watch out. Can Texas actually play in the National Championship Game without winning its conference?

Evan: Tebow needs to start getting more mention for Heisman. One question – you are starting a college football team from scratch, who is the one current player you want to start your team with?
Mike: Each time I watch UF I forget how good Tebow is. Even in the downpour on Saturday he was throwing the ball around as if it were a clear day. I think he can thrive in any offense, which makes him better than any other QB to start your team.
Ahad: I haven’t watched Tebow as closely as everyone else, so I am not sure that I can say he would thrive in any offense. I don’t know if he would thrive in a West Coast offense, but then again not many teams run that in the NCAA. Right now, I would have to go with Tebow because of his versatility.
Matt: I would not think Tebow is well equipped at thriving in any offense. I mean, he is an extremely talented and intelligent player, but I don’t think he would excel in just any offense. Just look at the Urban Meyer coached Alex Smith and what he has done in the NFL to date. They are definitely two different types of players, though. Everyone else voted for Tebow, and I guess he would probably be at the top of my list as well. McCoy and Bradford wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Oregon/Oregon State
Matt: How about them Ducks? Thank god, because I really didn’t want to play Oregon State again in the Rose Bowl. Bring on USC!

Mike’s idea for A New Division
I’m still confused as to why teams would play in a division where, even if they go undefeated, they have no chance at a championship. Utah at least is likely to get a BCS bid. Boise St and Ball St don’t look to be getting so lucky. Ball State does still need to play Buffalo in the MAC Championship. So my question is about what it means to be D-1A vs D-1AA. Could these non-BCS Conferences drop down to 1AA? Or could they just split off an create their own playoff system at the end of the season? The only roadblock I see to this is the NCAA not allowing it and threatening D1 status in other sports.

There are 5 non-BCS conferences. I’m going to put them in a New Division. At the end of the season there is an 8-team New Division playoff. So each conference gets an automatic bid: Tulsa (assuming they beat East Carolina), Ball State (assuming they beat Buffalo), Utah, Troy, and Boise St. Then 3 at-large bids: East Carolina, TCU, BYU (or maybe Rice). Those are just from a quick glance of the standings. Now these aren’t the traditional powers. They aren’t well known. But these would be great games. Easily as good as some of the poor matchups the BCS gives us each year. By the championship round you’d know the teams fairly well if you followed the early round action. The games could take place in the weeks between the end of the season and New Years. It would give these schools more exposure than random .com bowl and a shot at some sort of championship.

Question from Ahad
Did they put in the rule that a team must win its conference in order to be eligible for the BCS Championship game? I thought that was the case after Oklahoma lost to K-State in the Big 12 title, but fell to #2 in the BCS. They went on to get crushed by LSU in the championship game.

Last Week’s Picks
Evan Mike Ahad Matt
West Virginia @ Pittsburgh West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia
Georgia Tech @ Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
Kansas @ Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri
Oregon @ Oregon State Oregon Oregon State Oregon State Oregon
Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Record (This Week) 31-30 (2-3) 31-30 (1-4) 36-25 (1-4) 33-27 (2-3)

Scores from Week 14

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