College Football Week 6 Preview

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Oregon State @ Utah, Thursday 9pm
Mike: Two straight Thursday night games for Oregon State? Did I miss them joining the Big East? Utah took care of business in Ann Arbor, which is a lot more impressive now. It really comes down to if Oregon State feeds off that USC high or it gives them too much confidence. I like Quizz. Pick: Oregon State
Matt: I think Oregon State is finally playing the type of ball most were expecting out of them this year. You can sense that there could be a letdown following a huge win over USC, and Utah is a pretty good team in its own right, but the Utes haven’t really played anyone yet (and yes, that includes Michigan). I feel like Oregon State could run the table until their interstate battle with Oregon in their season finale. Pick: Oregon State
Ahad: Oregon State keeps rolling after the huge win over USC. Pick: Oregon State

Illinois @ Michigan, Saturday 3:30pm
Mike: I think Michigan watched Penn State manage to keep their head above water against Juice and the offense. That should help them to rattle Zook, not the players. Once he’s rattled he doesn’t know what’s going on with the play calling. Pick: Michigan
Matt: I still don’t feel like Michigan is any good. Their defense is decent, but their offense can’t hold onto the ball. It was more so a huge collapse on Wisconsin’s part than anything Michigan really did last week. ESPN was calling this an upset alert favoring Illinois. I say that makes no sense, because an Illinois win in my mind is not an upset in this game. Pick: Illinois
Ahad: Michigan’s defense is not bad; they might contain Juice but won’t be able to stop him from connecting with Benn for a couple of TDs. Michigan doesn’t have the offense to keep up in this game. Pick: Illinois
Evan: I think Juice Williams runs all over the Wolverines. Zook saw what happened to Wisconsin, so he’ll be painting a picture to his team that Michigan is back and they will be geared up for it. Of course, Michigan is not back. Pick: Illinois

Florida State @ Miami (FL), Saturday 3:30pm
Mike: I don’t even want to watch this one. I don’t want to pick it either. Final Score: Miami 2 Florida St 1 (if anyone can pull it off, these teams can)
Matt: Wow, three Florida State games in a row. And I am still going against Bowden. Pick: Miami
Ahad: Which team currently has more felons on the roster? I think the total number of felons will be higher than the combined score of the game. Pick: Miami
Evan: One of my students is going to this game. I told her to watch her back, because usually the most interesting thing that has come out of this game recently are the in-stands brawls. I am predicting an ugly, ugly game. Pick: FSU (lesser of two god for saken evils)

Oregon @ USC, Saturday 8pm
Mike: I hate picking Ducks games. They always bite me (Do ducks bite?). I think I’ve figured out Pete Carroll’s coaching strategy: 1) Convince my team they are better than everyone else 2) This overconfidence causes an early season loss 3) Early season loss causes players to motivate themselves 3) Win the rest of the game on the schedule 4) Go to BCS bowl (pray for championship game) 5) Everyone will call me a great coach 6) Since I don’t put any effort into actually coaching, I have plenty of time to recruit. Pick: USC
Matt: There is no way USC comes out for this game unprepared and not fired up. They are back at home, thankful not to play in Corvallis for another two years. The game should be high scoring, unless USC’s D steps up. Pick: USC
Ahad: USC will come out on fire and completely overmatch the Ducks. Pick: USC
Evan: Think USC will be ready to play Saturday? They will be looking to put a hurt on people. Pick: USC, HUGE

Ohio State @ Wisconsin, Saturday 8pm
Mike: Wiscosin. At Home. Bounce Back? Blowing that game against Michigan isn’t a good sign. Ohio State isn’t going to give them as many chances as Michigan did. With Wisconsin’s success rate on those chances that puts things back to even. The Badgers need this win with Penn State next week. I like them in night games. Pick: Wisconsin
Matt: Hmm, tough call. I wouldn’t mind either of these teams losing. Wisconsin hasn’t lost at home under Bielema, but they have two tough ones in a row. I didn’t like what I saw out of Wisconsin last week in that Michigan game. I feel like Ohio State sneaks out with a win. Pick: Ohio State
Ahad: After an embarrassing loss to Michigan, the Badgers will be ready to go. I just don’t think it will be enough. Ohio State almost always finds a way to pull out the close games. Pick: OSU
Evan: I’m actually kind of excited about this game. I think that Wisconsin will have extra motivation after what happened to them last week. I’ve been waiting for a Big 10 team to put the proverbial “2nd loss of the season nail in the coffin” to Ohio State for years now. I think this may be it. Pick: Wisconsin

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