College Football Week 5 Preview

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Connecticut @ Louisville, Friday 8pm
Evan: I don’t know anything about either of these teams, mostly because they do not appear on Ice Cream Helmet, so I do not have easy access to their schedules. I do know that Connecticut beat Virginia and Louisville lost to Kentucky. Pick: Connecticut (Note: I assume Evan is talking about the weekly picks and since neither team is in the Top 25, they aren’t on this week’s schedule. To view all the teams, visit the college football team page. -Mike)
Ahad: If UConn is good enough to beat Temple, they are good enough to beat Louisville. Pick: UConn
Mike: I didn’t think Louisville was going to do anything this year and then they beat Kansas State. Not that Kansas State is great but let’s take this down a notch when talking about the Big East. I’m saying two in a row for the Cardinals. Pick: Louisville
Matt: I like UConn, but they barely beat Temple. Enough said. Pick: Louisville

Colorado @ Florida State, Saturday 3:30pm
Evan: Oh boy, I don’t what the hell to do about FSU. I mean, they are so bad. Colorado had FSU all the way last year until the Seminoles pulled a rabbit out of their hat. I’ve always had an affinity for the Buffs the same way Janke does with the Ducks. I love Ralphie, and since the Seminole tribe has no experience hunting buffalo (that was more the Sioux and Pawnee), I’m gonna have to say that the at home the Criminoles lose for a second straight week, although they score more than 3 points. Pick: Colorado
Ahad: I don’t know too much about Colorado, but I do know that FSU stinks. Once again I am going against Bowden. Pick: Colorado
Mike: Completely disreguarding Florida State in this game because of that weak performance against Wake Forest feels dangerous to me. Two things are making me pick Colorado: 1) They has beaten some decent teams (West Virginia and Colorado State) 2) FSU held Wake Forest to field goals, except it was 7 field goals. Pick: Colorado
Matt: Colorado has picked up some nice wins this year, and it will be tough to get another one here. I think they pull it off though. Gotta go against Bowden. Pick: Colorado

Alabama @ Georgia, Saturday 7:45pm
Evan: Whew. I really want Georgia to win so they are undefeated when UF plays them. On the other hand, I want Bama to win just to shake things up. This could be one of the top 5 games of the year in all of college football. John Parker Wilson has come a long way since his “two a days” on MTV. Pick: Georgia, in overtime
Ahad: Both teams have been impressive so far. Home field advantage could come into play. I think this will be a very close game. Pick: Georgia
Mike: I think Alabama has been propped up in the polls by a big win over a Clemson team that people thought would be good coming into the season. I’m adding this game to my list of reasons there should not be preseason polls when Georgia rolls. Pick: Georgia
Matt: I picked Alabama to win the SEC the other day, but I feel like Georgia will eek this one out at home. Pick: Georgia

Virginia Tech @ Nebraska, Saturday 8pm
Evan: I hate the big red. Va Tech always starts out slow. The game is also under the lights, something that the Hokies thrive on. Pick: Va Tech
Ahad: Va Tech is slowly starting to come around. Nebraska still isn’t very good. Pick: Va Tech
Mike: VT is just barely getting by in their games. They won each of their last two games by 3 and that ECU loss was right at the end. Shouldn’t Nebraska be back by now? Are they content with Oklahoma and Texas taking control of the conferece. Doesn’t seem like they want it back any time soon. Comes down to how well Tyrod Taylor can move on that ankle he hurt last week. I say well enough. Pick: Virginia Tech
Matt: Nebraska is actually favored by a touchdown in this game, but they haven’t had any serious competition yet. Special teams will win it for Va Tech. Pick: Virginia Tech

Illinois @ Penn State, Saturday 8pm
Evan: I love this Penn State offense so far, but this will be by far the best defense they have seen this season. The Zooker is supposed to be a special teams/defense specialist. While that did not work out so well at UF, he has fit in well in the Big 10. I think the Illini give Penn State all they can handle, but home field is too much. Pick: Penn State
Ahad: No offense to Temple, but this will be PSU’s toughest opponent yet. I think the special teams of Illinois will cause some problems. If Juice can put together a complete game, PSU could be for a long day. The PSU offense probably will not put up as many points as they have been, and hopefully fatigue won’t be a problem as the starters have barely played more than a half in each of the games. It is time for payback from the loss last year. Pick: PSU
Mike: I was concerned about this game before I saw all the predictions showing a blowout, that just made me more concerned. I was in complete agreement with JoePa when he was disgusted about the teams play against Temple. Most shows that I saw play the clip mocked him because his team had won 45-3. Temple lost their starting QB, their best player. Penn State didn’t score in the 1st quarter because of a number of mistakes. Illinois hasn’t looked particularly great so Penn State just needs to limit their mistakes and tackle on special teams. Pick: Penn State
Matt: This game concerns me a little, mainly because of Penn State’s defense. The offense will put up its fair share of points, but the defense will need to contain Juice Williams. They have done that fairly decently in their two previous matchups, but he is much improved. The D-Line needs to control the line of scrimmage, which they have done a good job of against weaker opponents. They just need to win the turnover battle and then let the ‘White Out’ crowd make things difficult for the visiting team. Pick: Penn State

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