College Football Week 15 Preview

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Ball St vs Buffalo, Friday 8pm (MAC Championship, Detroit)
Evan: Ball State wins, Letterman lobbies for a BCS bid
Matt: I actually don’t know all that much about Ball State, other than the fact they are undefeated. I hear their QB is pretty good. Pick: Ball State
Ahad: All I know about Ball State is that they are undefeated and they are very loyal to their conference. Apparently, that is why they turned down a potential bowl match-up with Boise State. Pick: Ball State
Mike: Letterman has already been campaigning for the national championship game. I’m with everyone else. I haven’t seen any Ball State games, I just don’t watch much football on Tuesdays. Still, they are undefeated for a reason. Pick: Ball State

Pittsburgh @ Connecticut, Saturday 12pm
Evan: Last year I would have picked UConn, but Pitt has surprised everybody. Pick: Panthers
Matt: I think this game could easily go either way. I am still trying to figure out how UConn was able to blow out Cincinnati. I think Pitt is the stronger team, so I will go with them here in a close one. Pick: Pittsburgh
Ahad: I believe one of UConn’s running backs is out for this game. I think Pitt is playing better right now. Pick: Pitt
Mike: A win here for Pitt and they clinch at least 3rd place in the Big East (they’ll wind up 2nd if Rutgers loses to Louisville Thursday). I like how Pitt has been playing these last few weeks. UConn has a nice team and in the powerhouse that is the Big East they could compete for the title next year. Pick: Pittsburgh

Boston College vs Virginia Tech, Saturday 1pm (ACC Championship, Tampa Bay)
Evan: I’m actually pretty excited about this game. I’m gonna root for Boston College just because Bruce Springsteen’s son goes there. However, I think the Hokies D will prevail in this low scoring affair. Pick: VT
Matt: Virginia Tech lost earlier this season at Boston College by 5 points, so BC already has somewhat of a psychological advantage over VT of having already beaten them. After looking at VT’s schedule this season, just about every one of their games has been close, decided by 10 or less points. Because of their experience playing close games this year, I think they will pull this one out in yet another close one. Pick: Virginia Tech
Ahad: V-Tech wins with defense, special teams and running ball. With Taylor running the offense the majority of the time, V-Tech pulls it out. Pick: V-Tech
Mike: Where did BC come from this year? Without Matt Ryan I wasn’t expecting anything from them. They have played well the past 4 weeks helping them to be the last team standing in the Atlantic division. BC’s win in the first matchup was at BC. I like how BC is playing these days. Pick: Boston College

Alabama vs Florida, Saturday 4pm (SEC Championship, Atlanta)
Evan: I hate picking games that involve the Gators, especially when they’re playing the number 1 team in the country (By the way, has there ever been a number 1 team that no voter actually thinks is the number 1 team like it is with Alabama?) Pick: Gators, 38-35
Matt: I am tempted to pick Alabama, but I think Florida has been playing too well to lose this game. Plus, I’d rather see them in the National Championship game against most likely Oklahoma. Pick: Florida
Ahad: I think the two best teams in the country are Oklahoma and Florida and that is the national championship game I want to see. Pick: Florida
Mike: I think Alabama’s best chance is to feed off of everyone that has been counting this game as a loss for them for the past 2 months. Alabama is undefeated for a reason. The Gators are just clicking too well at this point. Tebow is going to go out and dominate in the dome. He looked good in the mud in Tallahassee last week. Pick: Florida

South Florida @ West Virginia, Saturday 8pm
Evan: Pat White’s last home game, I’ll stick with the Mountaineers. Pick: WVU
Matt: West Virginia is at home, and they are playing an inconsistent South Florida team. I like WVU’s chances of rebounding after the loss to Pitt. Pick: West Virginia
Ahad: West Virginia looks to rebound after the Pitt game. Pick: WVU
Mike: Last week I said that Pat White wanted to wind down his career with a win against Pitt. That didn’t work out. Now he has a chance to get a win on Senior Day. South Florida should have taken the Big East this year but they’ve struggled. Pick: West Virginia

Missouri vs Oklahoma, Saturday 8pm (Big 12 Championship, Kansas City)
Evan: Really really rooting for Missouri, but Big Game Bob is back – Pick: OU
Matt: It is of course natural to root for BCS chaos, but I think Oklahoma will win handily and play Florida for the National Championship.
Ahad: The Sooners will have a field day with the porous Missouri defense. Sooners win easily and head the championship game. Pick: Sooners
Mike: I think an Oklahoma loss would cause less BCS chaos. Then it would be Texas vs SEC, no questions asked. Missouri lost last week to a 2nd string QB. I think Sam Bradford is at least a 1.5 string QB. Pick: Oklahoma

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