College Football Week 14 Preview

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West Virginia @ Pittsburgh, Friday 12pm
Evan: West Virginia exacts revenge against the team that foiled their run to the championship. Pick: WVU
Mike: Cincinnati has the Big East wrapped up, unless they blow their game against Syracuse this week (which is possible now that Syracuse knows they’re allowed to win games). I agree with Evan about WVU getting revenge. I also think Pat White is just getting comfortable, it just took almost the entire season. Pick: West Vriginia
Ahad: West Virginia will get some revenge for last year. Too bad, winning this game won’t send them to the National Championship game. Pick: WVU
Matt: The revenge factor sounds good to me. Pittsburgh should have the advantage at home, but Pat White and Noel Devine push WVU over the top. Pick: West Virginia

Georgia Tech @ Georgia, Saturday 12pm
Evan: I’ve lost track of all the scenarios for the ACC title game, but Tech’s offense looks dangerous. At the same time, this is Stafford’s last home game. I like Georgia in a close one. Pick: Dawgs
Mike: I’m sick of picking Georgia Tech games. Georgia Tech is done with their ACC schedule, they will be spending most of their energy rooting for Virginia to beat Virginia Tech so that they play in the championship. The SEC hasn’t gotten a lot of respect this year after the first few weeks. I think this week their non-conference schedule will prove some of that wrong. Florida is headed to Florida State and South Carolina is headed to Clemson. They should be able to take all 3. Pick: Georgia
Ahad: G-Tech’s running game will cause a lot of problems for Georgia, but I think the lack of a passing game will limit what they can do offensively against a talented defense. I would love to see G-Tech pull this one out, but I don’t see it happening. Pick: Georgia
Matt: Georgia should be very nervous about this game. Georgia Tech’s option offense was quite formidable last week. However, I think the competition in the SEC will have Georgia ready for this one. The ACC just doesn’t match up. Pick: Georgia

Kansas @ Missouri, Saturday 12:30pm
Evan: Missouri
Mike: Evan has been begging me to include more Big 12 North matchups. Kansas needs this game to finish .500 in conference while Missouri is already headed to the Big 12 Championship. Last year this would count as an interesting matchup. Pick: Missouri
Ahad: This game will not be as good as last year’s match-up, but it should still be an interesting game. Kansas just doesn’t have the offensive firepower to keep up. Missouri will look to fine tune all aspects of their game to get ready for the Big 12 title game. Pick: Missouri
Matt: I think this is still an interesting matchup. Both teams should be able to put up some points. I think Missouri is the better team though. Pick: Missouri

Oregon @ Oregon State, Saturday 7pm
Evan: Lot of people will be rooting for the Ducks in this one. I feel very strange about this, because I am one of those people. It is not strange to root for the Ducks, but it is strange that I am doing because I want to see USC elevated to the Rose Bowl. This is the equivalent to the idea of rooting for the Orioles to beat the Red Sox the last game of the season so the Yanks can make the playoffs. It just feels wrong. Pick: Ducks
Mike: It sounds like Quizz is out for this game. That is trouble for OSU. This is a HUGE game for OSU. They haven’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1965. While I’d rather see USC play Penn State in the Rose Bowl I think this is a special year for Oregon State. Well, special as far as Pac-10 play goes. Pick: Oregon State
Ahad: Yet another Ducks game to pick. Even if Quizz is out for this match-up, I don’t think Oregon can pull off the upset on the road. The Beavers have a lot riding on this game and should pull out a victory. Pick: Beavers
Matt: I will be rooting for the Ducks, and the fact that Quizz is doubtful for the game helps their chances. I do believe the home team has won 10 out of the past 11 games between these two. Oregon has had two weeks to prepare and had been playing better since they slumped earlier in the season. Let’s make the home team 10 out of 12. Pick: Oregon

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State, Saturday 8pm
Evan: The home team is undefeated in all of the games that have been played between the Big 4 in the Big 12 South (Oklahoma, Ok State, Texas, TT). Having said that, can anyone who is thinking rationally pick against an Oklahoma team that played the way they did last week, especially with the National Title game as motivation? Pick: Sooners
Mike: Oklahoma State lost to the other big guns in the Big 12 South and Oklahoma is playing better than those teams were. A rough year for Ok St to have such a great team and be in that divsion. Pick: Oklahoma
Ahad: Stoops says he is done campaigning for why his team should be ranked in the top 2 in the BSC. His team will take care of business and move onto the Big 12 title game. Granted the Cowboys have played the Sooners very tough the last few years and it is a road game for the Sooners, but I just don’t see the upset taking place. Pick: Sooners
Matt: Oklahoma is playing too well right now and has too much riding on this game to allow for an upset. Oklahoma State will keep it close (or closer than Texas Tech did), but Oklahoma is just too good right now. Pick: Oklahoma

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