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Links – 9/14/06

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Zune – Mircosoft announced their Media Player. Its feature list looks nice but I’m not expecting it to work nicely with my Mac, so no go for me.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2006 – You need an NES emulator, it sounds pretty cool.

Norm Macdonald wants to do a fake news show.
NBC is going to stream the first few episodes of its new shows.
NFL Network and Comcast make a deal. The NFL games on the channel will be available to Comcast customers.

My Next …
Hard Drive – Western Digital 160gb 2.5″, this should be the drive that I put in my Macbook.
Camera – I’m had my eye on the Canon SD700 IS (I love Canon cameras). I likely will be choosing between the SD900 and SD800 IS.
Video Game Console – Nintendo Wii, announced today. Will be out November 19th for $250, it includes Wii Sports.


Links – 9/2/06

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Rocks thrown at Nickleback – They left the stage after 2 songs.

Colbert iPod commercial.

SimCity for Nintendo DS – Possibly the perfect game for DS.

Lockheed Martin to Build New Shuttle
NASA – Pics

Olbermann’s comment about Rumsfeld from Countdown this week.

New Music
Plus 44 – Mark and Travis from Blink 182’s new band. The song will play when you load the page. CD will be called “When Your Heart Stops Beating” and will be out by the end of the year.
Senses Fail – New CD “Still Searching” October 10th.
Spitalfield – New CD “Better Than Knowing Where You Are” October 3rd.


What’s your ring tone?

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I recently changed back to my original. When I got my first phone I put Dammit by Blink 182 as my ring tone. That stayed until Sugar, We’re Going Down (Fall Out Boy) last Spring. Last week for some reason I decided to go back to Dammit while I search for a replacement. What I want is the music to Say Anything’s Alive With the Glory of Love. You can hear it on their purevolume page. The problem is I just want the music. I don’t like ring tones with words or singing.


Links – 8/22/06

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Justin sits at home Googling Richard Simmons. This is a really funny clip from Whose Line. As with anything relating to Whose Line this is probably only funny the first time. (Justin K)

Heisman ceremony has already been taped.

Most crosswalk buttons in NYC aren’t functional. Surprised? Has anyone ever gotten out of the car to press the button? I can’t remember if I have, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been in the car when someone has.

Banning hoodies. This seems like a good idea. If they implemented this is college I think most people would go to class with nothing on.