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Popular in October

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1. What are/were your pet’s names? – This was a QOTD on March 21, 2007. Our new movie reviewer, Pat, stumbled across it while checking out the site and saw that his sister had posted about his cat being hit by a car. He had been told the cat ran away.
2. Underground Resume Ranking – Week 5 and 3. Underground Resume Ranking Report – Week 6 – Gregg started his own resume rankings, which have been really popular. They have been missing the past 2 weeks, hopefully Gregg’s schedule opens up soon.
4. College Football Week 6 Recap – This week’s just happened to be popular.
5. What is your dealbreaker movie? – A QOTD from the beginning of the month.


Borderline Fantastic by Email

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Trying something new. You can subscribe and receive an email on days when there is a new post on BF. The new posts should be included in the email.

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Let me know your thoughts on how this works or if there is another service that may be better.


Borderline Fantastic on iPhone and iPod Touch

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Now that I have an iPhone I realized the need to make my sites easily accessible on them. For my blogs was no problem thanks to the WPtouch plug-in. It takes no effort for you to use on your iPhone/iPod Touch, just visit the site and the correct version will be loaded. Here is how it looks:

This was the first plug-in I found and it seems to do the job. You can even write comments with it. All that needs to be changed are some of the icons. Otherwise I’m happy with the result.

I don’t have an iPod Touch so let me know how it works with one of them or any other comments using either platform.


Most Popular in July

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I was away for the first half of the month and getting things back in order the second half. While nothing was posted, there were still some visitors. I’m curious to see what was popular.

1. Will I become a Safari User? – Likely still popular from earlier in the month from a link I had in a comment on TUAW.
2. Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet – This was a post about some Gym Class Heroes songs. I think they have a new album coming out. Maybe that’s why this became popular.
3. Baseball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – I talked about this one last month. No new sign-ups on Ice Cream Helmet but this post keeps getting views.
4. Skimboard in your yard – Same spot as last month. No surprise its still here. It was posted in June.
5. Top 5 Things I secretly miss about the 80s – This might be the most popular Fives. Kathleen came up with it back in December 2006.

I’ll get back in to things for August. Likely lots of iPhone talk but I’ll try to mix in some non-iPhone talk to keep everyone happy.


Popular in June

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Here are the most popular posts for the past month based on views. Check out what was popular in May.

1. Will I become a Safari User?TUAW had a ‘tip’ about something I mentioned a while ago. I commented and included a link to where I mentioned it.
2. Baseball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – This was #1 last month and I’m still shocked since no new people have signed up for Baseball Picks.
3. Triumph at The Belmont – A Hulu video from Conan.
4. Skimboard in your yard
5t. Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet – This post was made April 07.
5t. Horse Racing Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – Triple Crown is over so nothing to say about this one.
5t. Links for June 23 and Links for May 27


Tops for May

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1. Baseball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – You can still play Baseball Picks!
2. Links for May 20 – Third of four Links posts this month.
3t. Boo Most Commercials, Hooray Some! – From last May. Not sure why this post was popular this month. A look at some commercials for ESPN, Emerald Nuts, and Red Stripe.
3t. Horse Racing Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – The Belmont is this weekend, so there is still a chance to participate this year.
3t. Links for May 1 – First of four Links posts this month.
3t. The Long Plane Ride Home – From this month, the story of my flights to and from Seattle. Including my plane having to turn around and return to Houston during my trip home.


Popular in April

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Looks like I missed April. I posted on the last day of March and the first day of May. Since there were no posts I was curious as to what where the most viewed posts in April. Here are the Top 5:

Baseball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet (You can still sign up!)
Links for March 27th
The Janke Chronicles – Episode 2
The Janke Chronicles – Episode 3
Top 5 Things I secretly miss about the 80s


Oscars Pickem on Ice Cream Helmet

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I figured it was time for a new pickem game on Ice Cream Helmet. I’ve been working on the NCAA Tourney and Baseball Pickem, but those don’t start for a few months. I decided to go in a direction other than sports. That leads us to Oscars Pickem.

The game allows you to make picks in each of the 24 televised categories. For the ICH game each category is worth 1 point. Those points will count toward your ICH Score and allow you to see where you rank among your friends who played. You can create your own group and assign your own point values to each of the categories.

Join the Borderline Fantastic group. Anyone can join, no password needed.


MTV Tr3s

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MTV en Espanol is now MTV 3, well actually its MTV Tres, if you really want to get specific its MTV Tr3s. From what I can tell its still Spanish music videos but the commercals and VJs are in English. They have this ad that seems to last 10 minutes where they take Amercian groups and show who you’d like in Spanish. Interesting, if, ya know, I could understand the band they are trying to recommend. Just go all Spanish. I’m not watching either way.

Now, MTV, if you are going to number the Spanish version of your channel, you might as well keep going. Besides the first 3 MTVs I also get MTV Hits and MTV Jams (those channls may actually end with z’s knowing MTV). That sounds a whole lot like MTV 4 and 5 to me. We won’t get into MHD and where that falls into the numbering. Its sort of a hybrid channel for MTV, VH1, and CMT. I think if I tried to number the VH1 channels I’d get a headache.

What they really need to do is just have MTV play music videos all the time. Then have your MTV Rock, Hip-Hop, etc. channels. One channel for each genre that shows videos and I’ll allow concerts and profiles of bands. Then you have a whole separate channel, one that doesn’t even have the word music in the title. Here you can put on all your Real Worlds, Road Rules, Date My Moms, and whatever else you please. MTV has so much of this content they could have two channels of this. I’d be in for older stuff such as Real World seasons, Sand Blast, Idiot Savant, and Remote Control. There is probably tons of gold hidden in the vault that came before my time. My only reservations with these two channels is that I would have to delete them immediately from my TV. As soon as I turned them on, I’d be hooked for the day.


Links – 9/27/06

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The Office Gaydar – In case you missed the end of The Office season premiere.

PhoneSpell – See what you can spell with your phone number.

Emo Farm

Mathematics Genius – Some excellent answers to math problems.

Weatherman attacked by Cockroach
News Guy attacked by Lizard

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie out in February

Get Smart on DVD – Something tells me I’m going to spend $200 on these.

Lucky Louie Cancelled – Very disappointing, they show wound up being excellent by the end of the season.

Why I Hate Zach Braff – If you didn’t figure it out this guy isn’t happy that Zach Braff is becoming the voice of his generation.

Judging your friends by their Netflix lists – Don’t let people see your queue.

Cobra Starship – New Music!