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Borderline Fantastic

BF Week: Jan 3-9, 2010

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1. Last Name Ever. First Name Greatest. – Randomly, a Drake song on YouTube is my best work?

2. Vinny Vedecci – Seems like this has been popular forever, posted almost a year ago.

3. 09/10 Bowls: Jan 4-7 and 4. 09/10 Bowls: Dec 19-20 – These have passed, but here are our records for these picks.

5t. Justin’s Best Songs of the 2000s – Part 1 and Part 2 – Not sure how Part 3 and the Top 3 didn’t make the list.

5t. I’m not street, but I do what I gotta do – Another random song, this one from Cobra Starship.


Triumph goes to the spa

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I’m just not creative enough to make up my own job. I need to spend some time in LA. I also don’t get how NBC could possibly want to move Leno back even if it meant losing Conan. Has anyone at NBC watched the two shows? Conan may not be a laugh riot, but Leno is just uncomfortable to watch.


Justin’s Best Songs of the 2000s – Part 3

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Note: For Part 1, see here. Part 2 here

Clipse – Grindin’

You may not have high hopes for a song from the leading light of the coke rap genre, but it is undeniable that Grindin’ is one of the best hip hop songs of the decade.  Brothers Malice and Pusha T, thanks not in the least to an absolutely brilliant beat from the Neptunes, exploded onto the mainstream hip hop radar with this hit in 2002 off their Lord Willin’ release.  You can tell the duo is fully in their element on this track, from the tight lyrics and flow to the high pitched “gring-ing” that can’t help but catch your ear in the last 40 seconds of this song.  Oh, and then there’s this: “And my weight, that’s just as heavy as my name/So much dough, I can’t swear I won’t change/Excuse me if my wealth got me full of myself/Cocky, something that I just can’t help/’Specially when them 20’s is spinning like windmills/And the ice 32 below minus the wind chill/Filthy, the word that best defines me/I’m just grinding man, y’all nevermind me”.

Interpol – PDA

Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights was undoubtedly one of the most influential albums of the decade.  PDA, the highlight of that album, is one of those remarkable alt-rock songs that manages to succeed despite being driven (for much of the song at least) on bass and drums rather than guitar.  The dark music and nearly-spoken lyrics combine to create the image that the band recorded this song in a dank basement in Brooklyn.  But while there are plenty of bands that can create that imagery, Interpol drops in some light-hearted (for their tastes anyway) about half way through, which creates such an eerie contrast that it’s brilliant.

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

Building on the sound of the Strokes earlier in this decade (as so many bands did), Franz Ferdinand made one of the best songs of this decade in Take Me Out.  “Take Me Out” doesn’t succeed so much because it’s a perfect song…it works because it’s seemingly three different songs perfectly weaved together.  From the very Strokes-esque guitar start to the damn-near-disco beat (though still paired with some solid guitar work) that backs the bridge to the climbing bass that comes in around the two minute mark, rarely does a song work so well with such a diversity of elements.  Franz Ferdinand, seemingly hinting at their future direction, managed to put together one hell of a danceable song that stood well above it’s similar sounding compatriots (see: The Bravery, The Von Bondies, etc).

Phoenix – Lisztomania

Every once in a while, a veteran band comes from relative obscurity with a remarkable piece of pop gold.  In 2009, Phoenix did it not once, but twice with Lisztomania and 1901, both from their Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Album (1901 could easily be on this list too).  But Lisztomania gets the call here partially because the song itself seems to be about pop music (The title is a allusion to the frenzy that followed German pianist Franz Liszt’s early performance).  This song is basically the perfect pop song itself, with a catchy and infectious beat, clever and playful lyrics, and flawless delivery.  The fact that it all feels relatively effortless puts this song a level above.

Bon Iver – For Emma

The story behind the album is well known at this point: Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) got dumped and retreated into the cold Wisconsin wilderness.  While there, he recorded the sparse and beautiful For Emma, Forever Ago, which compares favorably to every folk album this decade save for arguably Fleet Foxes.  The pseudo-title track is set as a conversation between a man trying to find meaning in breakup and a woman complaining that her knees are cold.  It sounds ridiculous, but the horn section paired with Vernon’s voice (and excellent lyrics) makes this song thing of beauty.  As a bonus, it makes for an amazing a cappella song as well (if you click any links, make it this one…starts at about the 1:30 mark).


It’s too cold for slushies

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Today I had the desire to take a trip to Sonic for lunch. Probably because I was thinking about Sonic after writing this week’s Fives.

Now, I love me a good slushie. And going to Sonic, don’t you have to get a slushie or a shake? Of course you do. I went with Green Apple. I haven’t been to Sonic enough times to have any favorite in mind. Heck, even if I have been a lot, there are so many attractive options, how can you have a favorite?

Problem was, today it was only about 40 degrees out. I usually do a pretty good job avoiding brain freezes. With this, one sip, not even a long sip, lead to a body freeze. Didn’t even really make it to my head. For a second, I thought my heart might have frozen up.

I guess it’s time to resist the slushies until the spring, or a heat wave, or a trip south, or, most likely, my next trip to Sonic.


Best in April

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1. Vinny Vedecci – Second month in a row.
2. Christmas Gifts: Cheese Balls – It appears that cheese balls gain popularity during the spring.
3. Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Picks 2009 – Still confused how this post is so popular but so few sign up.
4. We love all the Bear Man movies – More Vinny!
5. I’m not street, but I do what I gotta do – The Cobra Starship song, Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We’re Famous.

First time I’m Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes isn’t on the list since October, which would have been quite a feat seeing as it was written in November.



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Saw this on TechCrunch the other day. The idea is to learn 10 words in a foreign language everyday. It might be good to pick up some words in a language you don’t know, although I’m not really sure about that. For me, it’s a good reminder of my Spanish that I’ve forgotten since high school. In the lower left corner of the widget you can select a different language, but I can’t seem to get it to work. We’ll see if I use this for more than a few days.


Best of March

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April is here and that should mean back to normal. Still, there was a lot of activity here last month. Here is what was most popular …

1. Vinny Vedecci
2. I’m Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes
3. Christmas Gifts: Cheese Balls
4. What do you know?
5. Electronic Cigarette


Popular in February, yes, February

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Half way through March and I realized I didn’t post the popular posts from February. So before it gets to be April, I’ll do it now. This month I included the post date to point out how old the most popular posts are and how it takes about 2 months for anything to get some legs.

1. I’m Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes (11/14/08)
2. Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet (4/4/07)
3t. She’s a pretty girl. She’s always falling down. (1/30/09)
3t. BCS Song from SNL (1/12/09)
3t. Electronic Cigarette
3t. Something in the water (1/30/09)


Best From January

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1. I’m Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes – This looks to be the post that has taken over for Gym Class Heroes as the random thing that pops up in searches a lot.
2. Monkey Sneezing on Letterman – The sneezing monkey is still hilarious.
3. Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet – Not that this post has gone anywhere.
4. What are/were your pet’s names? – Still popular after all the Reddit love it got last year.
5. I know I got it tattooed for a reason – Look, one from January. And I was just about to give up on new posts. But new posts eventually become a few months old and then randomly become popular.


Tops for November

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Here are the most popular posts from last month …

1. Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet – Why, why, why? Each month I come closer to just dedicating the whole site to Gym Class Heroes.
2. I’m Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes – A great South Park clip.
3. Philly Hoop Group Classic – The classic was this past weekend. Niagara won the Liberty Bracket and Villanova won the Independence Bracket.
4. A whole bunch tied …
Can I Keep My Jersey?
Great Stories from the SI NFL Stadium Rankings
Links for May 20
Norm MacDonald on Leno (Surprising since the video is no longer available from Hulu.)
Sherman Alexie on The Colbert Report
This Season’s New Shows
What are/were your pet’s names?