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What was that number again?

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Two days ago I got a text from a strange number. Since I’m nice, and since my dad sometimes gives people my number instead of his by accident, I replied. Here is how the conversation went…

Stranger (12:19pm): hello
me (5:21pm): Hi?
Stranger (8:41pm): This is Bob* from match
Stranger (10:15pm): sorry about the dentist crack
me (10:32pm): Sorry, I still don’t think I know who you are…who are you looking for? Do you have the right number? :-/
Stranger (10:33pm): i am looking for a hooker named amy* i got this number off facebook
me (10:51pm): Sorry, can’t help you there.
Stranger (10:34pm): bummer
Stranger (11:35pm): good night amy
Stranger (8:49am): omg i did have the wrong number i am so sorry
me (5:13pm): Haha, told you 😛
Stranger (5:14pm): And i am so embarrased
me (5:48pm): Why? I don’t know you. Have fun with Amy 😉

*Names have been changed in case Bob ever somehow comes across this.


The Past Week

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Headlines of the Day
Hiccup girl returns home after running away
Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3

John Mulaney

Check out these bands:
E for Explosion
Sick Puppies
Royal Bliss

Cartel – Lose It – The new single.
Kelly Clarkson – Sober – She canceled the tour so all we’ll have for the summer is the new album. That is likely to be a problem. At least if the rumors are true.
Mae – Brink of Disaster – I like Mae. A lot. They are usually a little to happy for me.
Brand New – Brothers – A B-Side.
Straylight Run – Stream the new album. It comes out this Tuesday.

Kimmel segment on Jake Byrd following Paris Hilton.
Triumph at the Tony’s.

Crossword – No clues, just some of the letters, you do the rest.

Other Links
Zooomr – A possible free alternative to flickr. I’m curious if anyone has had any experience with this.
Article about the company that made The Oregon Trail game.
Alumni buried on the Florida campus?


The Past Week

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A weekly look at what I found plus what made its way to my inbox.

Headlines of the Day
Man in wheelchair stuck to semi, taken on 50-mph ride.

Shuffle – Marbles?

Braves minor league manager goes crazy. I especially like the army crawl behind the mound then using the rosin bag as a grenade. He even pulled the pin! Oh, he was suspended for three games. Seems reasonable.

The rest are a little older …

Denver the Last Dinosaur


New Radicals – You Get What You Give

Yellowcard – Five Becomes Four

3 new Straylight Run songs

Goo Goo Dolls – Before It’s Too Late. Its on the Transformers soundtrack.

Mayday Parade – When I Get Home You’re So Dead

Other Worthy Links
This guy really likes GOB. Oh, how I’ve missed Franklin.

A great look at expansion in the NHL.

Mmm, more soup.

When I need my tropical weather update, this is where I go.

If you want to see the videos, read more. (more…)


The Past Week

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Some things I came across this week that I still liked when I went to write The Past Week.

Headlines of the Day
Study-Female Cheetahs Sleep Around

Yankees Litsch-slap Blue Jays

Steelers assistant sorry for e-mailing sex video

Other Links
Trying out MyBlogLog. The way I see it used best is that you join the community of the site. Then see what other sites members like to visit. You’ve already got one site in common, maybe you’ll find something new you like.

Great game if you’re looking to kill a few days. I hate these stupidly simple games that suck me in.

Favorite post of the week from my new favorite blog, at least when politics or global warming isn’t the topic. But that’s the whole point of these blogs. Write about want you want and if you come up with something brilliant or at the very least amusing every week or two then I’ll be a fan.

I need to study. Apparently I should have learned all these words six years ago.

Hawthorne Heights – New Song: Come Back Home

The Rocket Summer – New Single: So Much Love


The Past Week

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The TV Seasons are done. I’m left with Sopranos, Entourage, and Studio 60. That should mean I fill my time with other things. Will those things lead to me having more to talk about? We’ll see. I might just play more video games in my freed up TV time. Anyway, here’s what I have from this week.

Headlines of the Day
Pigeons targeted for birth control

Keyshawn Johnson to retire, pursue TV career
Apparently no one at ESPN watched their own draft coverage.

Other Links
Eye of the Sports Guy with Paul Shirley
A great episode. It was weird hearing Paul Shirley talk for the first time. Although not as weird as hearing Bill Simmons talk for the first time. One item they discussed was why networks don’t pick people who get along to broadcast games together. This is similar to a discussion in IDM 6. Evan and I talked about how we’d probably great if we broadcasted games together.

The Penn State football team has been misbehaving again this off season. JoePa says he’s going to have them clean the stadium after games this year. Will this also apply to road games?

Quotes from The Office. Possibly every line ever spoken on the show.

The Dangerous Summer – Free mp3: The Permanent Rain

Smashing Pumpkins – Listen to the new single: Tarantula


State of the Fantastic – February 2007

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Things slowed a bit during February. Some of that due to me working on a new site: Ice Cream Helmet. This site will be for sports pickem-type leagues. So far there is Men’s College Basketball Tournament Picks and Baseball Picks.

Top Pages of February
Top Five coolest jobs ever that I wish I had thought to do…
Inter-Dis Material 23
Would you name your child after you?
What is your cereal of choice?
Top 5 things that would be different if I were in charge…


State of the Fantastic – January 2007

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Perhaps this monthly look at the State of the Fantastic will include more in future months. We’ll start out just looking at the most popular posts during January.

Top Pages of January
Top 5 Vacation Destinations
MacWorld 2007
Inter-Dis Material 19
I want announcers that watch football games
The Top Five Things I Love About Living in ____________.


Questions and Other Stuff

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11 Trippy Questions
These are a blast. If you can remember these you can make people feel really stupid. Of course you don’t want to tell them how stupid you felt the first time you read these.

The Unanswered Questions from Slate
Some good questions, most of which do not have an answer, which makes them all the more fun.

Do blind people dream?
A great great question.

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
Don’t have headache yet today? There are 67 illusions here, that should do the trick.

Saying Yes to Mess
Messy people are smarter. I already knew this, but here’s some extra proof.