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The way you move ain’t fair you know

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I should have posted this yesterday. I forgot and I was punished by this song being solidly stuck in my head when I woke up this morning.

I was never really a Train fan. Meet Virginia was one of those songs that was on the radio so much it convinced me I liked it. I know they had other singles, but none jump to mind. Still, I’ll call this a solid comeback. At least a comeback to me, I can’t say for sure if they ever left.

Train – Hey, Soul Sister

Think less but see it grow

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Can I interest you in some live, acoustic Phoenix? I thought so …

Phoenix – Lisztomania

Not enough? Try some 1901. I like 1901 better on the album, but here Lisztomania is far superior.


Some Daytrotter Sessions

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Seems like a bunch of the music links I’ve been coming across these days are for Daytrotter Sessions. They post a few songs from a band each day that were recorded in their studio in Rhode Island. They are not just up for streaming, download too. Very cool. I had two saved to share, but I like threes, so I looked for something that would fit.

Hellogoodbye – Was their last album out in 2006? Actually, yes, their only full-length came out then. Their first EP came out in 2004 and that’s the one that hooked me. 3 of the 4 songs here haven’t been released, although I’m pretty sure When We First Met was a single or EP last year. These tracks are especially cool because they usually sound very produced.

Fun – I got the album last week after finally listening to them. The lead singer’s voice doesn’t need any help when recording. So I think they just always sound amazing.

LIGHTS – I went down the list and this jumped out as a sound that would fit right in with the other bands. That was a guess as I’ve only heard a little of LIGHTS. I’m going to say it fits.


We’re doing it, Way to well

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I don’t think I’ve posted much Forever the Sickest Kids. Gonna work on that …

Forever the Sickest Kids – Uh Huh

You better look out below

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I hope my music choices in 2010 don’t get soft on me. If I start saying I like a Coldplay or U2 song, somebody hit me.

Holiday Parade – Look Out Below (This Love)

It’s time to play TV Movie or Actual Movie?

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I saw this trailer over the weekend and immediately wondered what happened to Harrison Ford’s career that he was in a TV movie. I mentioned it later in the day and my cousin had the exact same reaction when he had seen it earlier. Just got a txt from Evan that he had the same thought. Here’s the trailer. Not sure if you get the same feeling from YouTube that you get on an HDTV.


I don’t care what it does to me

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I guess it was one of those end of the year lists that finally got me to listen to the band fun. Immediatly I thought that it sounded just like The Format. Sure enough The Format broke up last year and fun. is the lead singer’s new band. I feel stupid for not knowing this already.

The Format showed up on my iPod this morning and decided it was a good one to post.

The Format – Inches and Falling

New Toy: iPhone 3GS

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I have a bit of a gadget problem. I get lots of them and always tell myself that I will write a bit about them after I spend some time with them. Of course, time gets away and I never get back to talking about my latest toy. I also get distracted because a new gadget usually come along fairly quickly.

Yesterday I logged in to check on my phone upgrade options. For some reason I’ve been doing this almost daily for the past month even though it always told me 12/31. I was shocked yesterday when I logged on to find that there was no longer a date listed and I was eligible. I thought maybe they were kind enough to build in the shipping buffer. That made me a little worried about going in to the store and getting the same deal. Luckily enough, the mall is only a few minutes away. In store I was also eligible. Upgrading was painless.

I’ve been debating what phone to get for a while now. The iPhone 3G I have is painfully slow. The processor just can’t handle the running of the phone. The keyboard seems to anger it at times. I knew that upgrading to the 3GS would give me a processor boost but not a whole lot else. The compass would be nice on occasion when trying to use the maps in a city. Video recording isn’t that important, I rarely use the camera. So essentially I wouldn’t be getting the exact same thing, only faster. A Blackberry would be something completely different. I tried the new Blackberry in the store and while it is really nice I felt like I’d wind up preferring the interaction with the iPhone.

The other problem is that AT&T is not reliable in my apartment (Verizon doesn’t work either). I debated T-Mobile because the new Blackberry supported UMA. Meaning I could use Wi-Fi for calls inside. AT&T’s Microcell will be out someday. Plus, I would have had to pay the ETF for canceling AT&T 6 months early. I also wasn’t sure about T-Mobile, I know what I have with AT&T, which is very reliable when out of my apartment.

I decided I was going to stick to the iPhone. It really does everything I need it to. People were shocked that I didn’t talk about the 3G much after I bought it. That was mostly because it was exactly what I wanted. It didn’t change my life, it just did what I had been looking for. It also plays nicely with my Mac: iTunes and Contacts most specifically.

All I was left with was the hesitation that there will be another new iPhone this summer with some unknown feature that I will drool over. But even if it comes out in June. The slowness of the 3G will continue to drive me nuts. If it’s really that groundbreaking I’ll sell one of the other iPhones and pay the full price for the new one.

Having the 3GS for about a day now, I’ve learned that this is the iPhone that should have been released in the 1st place. The 1st iPhone didn’t make any sense because it didn’t have 3G. The 2nd iPhone’s processor couldn’t keep up with itself. The 3GS feels solid and responds right away when I tell it to do something.

Nice extras: The battery % indicator is a nice plus. The Wi-Fi seems to connect a whole lot faster, which is key when using the phone when I don’t have a decent signal. The stats on the Apple site indicate that the Wi-Fi is also more power efficient. I’m hoping that it adds just a little bit more life so I don’t get stressed as often when it’s about to run out (the % indicator will help with that as well). I also get another charger and I’ve yet to try the new headphones.

As for the old 3G, I’m not sure where that will fit in just yet. I may use it around, not sure how yet. I am a little concerned that since they look exactly the same I may leave the house with the one that I can’t use as a phone. It will likely stick around until someone in the family decides they want to pay for iPhone service.


Shut Up

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The catchiest Blink song that I always seem to forget about?

Blink 182 – Shut Up

Jersey Boys – Sherry

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On Sunday I saw Jersey Boys on Broadway. I’ve managed to avoid getting a song stuck in my head. I figured some Four Seasons would make for a good song to post today. Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot on YouTube. It’s like the internet didn’t even exist back then. I wanted to post Stay, I think that’s my 2nd favorite (behind Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You). I settled on Sherry. You can’t top a YouTube music clip that is a video of a turntable.

Four Seasons – Sherry

MCS sing about Veronica Mars, and other stuff

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Motion City Soundtrack – Her Words Destroyed My Planet – Song is embedded on this tumblr page. It grabbed my attention with the Veronica Mars line and kept it with the rest of the song. New album Jan 19th. I’m gonna say it’s a buy.

We Are The In Crowd – It sounds like Haley from Paramore paired with a male lead singer. You can’t argue with that. Try. You can’t.

STAY – Maddie kthx – I link to this video because I hear potential in this band. I’m not a huge fan of the song, although with enough listens it might stick.