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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, The Forecast

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Is this even allowed? Can you do an entire music video with scenes from a TV show?

Anyway, following my blog rules: FNL clips + good song = post.

The Forecast – Clear Eyes, Full Hears

The Forecast album, “Like a Habit” comes out 4/17, they are streaming it on fb if you’re curious.

Found at AbsolutePunk.


Now on Netflix Instant: The Hammer

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Netflix The Hammer
How have you not seen The Hammer yet? Do you not listen to me? Now it’s on Netflix Instant. So you’ve run out of excuses.

What else do you need than Netflix categorizing the movie as ‘Inspiring’?


Kimmel – April Fools YT Challenge

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It’s getting boring how consistently awesome these are. This time around it was a nice addition of the kids who are now aware that when their parents are messing with them, it was probably because of Kimmel.

Even if Kimmel isn’t still on in 15 years, they better have specials of these kids reacting to these videos being played at their teenage birthday parties.


Is it really acoustic?

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I Fight Dragons – cRaZie$ (Acoustic?)

Can a song be acoustic if you use a Power Pad? It’s certainly not unplugged. I have no problem with it, I know some people get upset when acoustic isn’t truly unplugged, so just laugh at them and use a NES.

I really like this album. Besides this song, My Way and Don’t You made my day-to-day playlist on Spotify.

Get/Listen to KABOOM!: Amazon Spotify

Found on AbsolutePunk.


You wait so long

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It’s calmed down, but a few weeks ago this song was stuck in my head non-stop. I think they paid off Spotify, cause it kept coming up on my playlist. Even if they did, it was worth it.

Motion City Soundtrack – Wait So Long

What I didn’t know until writing this post is that this is a cover. I was shocked. How could the song sound any different? Oh, you must listen to the original by Trampled By Turtles. How did they even get from there to the cover? I still like the MCS version, but I have the urge to add Trampled By Turtles to Spotify. The name alone is awesome and this song has be uber-curious.

Motion City Soundtrack version links: Wait So Long Spotify


Wait, What? Stick Horse Edition

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Wait, What? is by far the best segment on Norm’s Sports Show. I like that now they don’t introduce the segment so you figure it out while watching. I’m not even looking for it. When you hear these stories it’s so obvious that you just say it to yourself.


Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

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Put this on the summer soundtrack.

Don’t lie. It’s fun.


Better Off Ted is on Netflix!

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The reason I was so excited about this is because the last two episodes that never aired are there, in addition to the all the episodes from the only two seasons. I just wanted them and they are just as fantastic as the rest of the show. I’m still so disappointed that no one watched this show. I’m upset that it got canceled, but I can’t really be. I don’t know anyone who watched that did so without me telling them to. Now’s your chance if you have Netflix. With 26 total episodes, you’ll burn through this is no time.

I think Scrubs had some unaired episodes this past season. I look forward to seeing them as well. I actually liked the new cast. I thought starting the season with Zach Braff still around really screwed up things. After he was gone, it actually got good, but everyone had already given up.


Louie Premieres Tomorrow

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Louis C.K.’s new show ‘Louie’ premiers on FX tomorrow night. I loved his last show, ‘Luckie Louie’. It was on HBO and got canceled after one season. I expect this to be just as good. Maybe not quite as foul.

On CBS Sunday Morning on Fathers’ Day, Louis C.K. did a commentary about fathers. I thought him a bit out of place when I first saw him. Thinking him to be a little rough for Sunday Morning. He actually fit in great with the story he chose to tell. I think it will give you a great idea of who he is. Then you can tune in and be blown away for his show.

Am I selling it too high? I’m not the only one. I was already excited for the show before seeing Alan Sepinwall’s review.


Stories from around the world

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I started DVR’ing CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago. I know, when did I get so old? My parents have DVR’d it for a while and I’d usually catch an interesting story or two each week and then just burn through the other stuff.

I wasn’t aware of this guy, Steve Hartman, who threw darts at a map of the US, then would travel to that city, get a phone book, and randomly point to a name and do a story on this person. It’s very cool and disappointing at the same time. I had this almost exact idea not too long ago. It had been a while since he did that, this time around he had NASA find spots on the globe and he did the same thing all over the world. He went to three places: India, Latvia, and Oman. All three were amazing stories. I guess this proves his theory is true all over the world.

I wanted to mention how it doesn’t make any sense that I can easily find the clip I want from CBS Sunday Morning, but when I see something hilarious on Letterman that I want to share it’s no where to be found. Wouldn’t want people to easily promote The Late Show.


TV: HSR and 24

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High School Reunion
For a few seasons I’ve heard about High School Reunion. I think the show started on The WB, got canceled, but then TV Land picked it up. The latest season started last week. The quick overview, a few people from the Class of 1989 from a high school in Las Vegas reunites in Hawaii. They all live in the same house, which is a requirement of any reality show that makes it on the air. They introduce the cast as their stereotype: The Popular Girl, The Jock, The Cheerleader, The Troublemaker, The Gay Guy. I’m not making anything up, that’s exactly how they name them in the intro. Of course they pick just the right mix to cause problems. They grab some of the popular girls, some cheerleaders (they were different cliques), high school sweethearts, and who would have thought The Troublemaker would be homophobic? There is also The Nerd who nobody remembered when she showed up. She’s a little more confident since she became an exotic dancer. What do you have when you put all that together? A recipe for brilliance? Yes.

Here’s the problem. Next year will be 10 years since HS graduation for me. That’s halfway to this show. No one in the cast seems to have found success or happiness of any kind. Well, except some of the popular girls appear to have found the man of their dreams. Those dreams being someone who will pay for a lot of plastic surgery. Plus, everyone looks really old. If I had my life figured out, I think I would enjoy this show a lot. Instead, I’ve decided to take this as a warning sign.

Thinking about the concept of the show, I’m lucky that I didn’t stick around any high school long enough to be part of a show like this. I guess I could qualify as The Nerd who nobody would remember when you showed up. Only that would be more the fact that I went to each HS for 2 years and took odd classes outside of my grade.

It would be fun to have a version of the show where everyone is successful. You might think that would eliminate the drama. A little bit, but if you put enough high school sweethearts or crushes in the same house they will be extra attractive now that they are successful. The question would be would you rather watch people whose lives are already destroyed continue to go nowhere or have someone successful destroy their life?

When I get home, this show is getting removed from the DVR until I’ve done something with my life.

24 started last night. I didn’t watch yet, I got hooked on, and finished, Season 2 of Dexter yesterday. 24 is on the DVR, but I’m not convinced I’m going to watch it. The last, I don’t know, 4 seasons haven’t been all that special.

When the tv season started in the fall, I decided to bench Heroes and Dollhouse and wait for the DVDs. Both shows could be benched because not a lot of people watch them so no big worry of anything be spoiled. Heroes had been weakening since after Season 1. There is so much going on and so many characters, it’s a good show to watch on DVD so you don’t have a week between episodes where you forget the meaningless stuff. Dollhouse had its moments in Season 1 and it’s also something that I decided I’d rather watch right in a row. I haven’t really missed watching either show. In fact, Heroes has been cut completely, I have no desire to watch the DVDs when they come out. Dollhouse I will still watch, but I think it’s getting canceled and it will be only a half a season worth of episodes.

I’m debating if 24 is going to be benched. It’s already the odd show out on Mondays. So I’d have to put in some extra effort to see it. Part of the draw of 24 is the explosions in HD. There is a concern that it is still popular enough that some of the plot might be spoiled. Although, I think I’m behind a lot of people when putting it on the bench. The DVD option is appealing because, is there any better show to watch in one shot than 24?

My feeling is that I might have time tonight to start to watch the first hour. I’ll decide based on that.