Bowl Picks: Jan 2/3

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Cotton Bowl: Mississippi vs Texas Tech, Friday (Jan 2) 2pm
Ahad: Texas Tech should feel slighted for not getting a better game. They will make a statement that they belong with the elite teams in the nation. Pick: Texas Tech
Matt: I think this game will be closer than most think. Mississippi ought to give Texas Tech a game. After all, they were able to knock off Florida in Gainesville. I just think Texas Tech is too explosive. Pick: Texas Tech
Evan: Ole Miss would have had a shot against a lot of teams, but it’s just bad luck that they have to play a tech team that is pissed off. Pick: Tech
Mike: I’m with Evan. I’ve had my eye on the giant killers (handing the top teams their 1 loss) but Texas Tech is out to get respect. Pick: Texas Tech

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Kentucky vs East Carolina, Friday (Jan 2) 5pm
Ahad: East Carolina
Matt: Hmm, tough call here. East Carolina had the better record, but Kentucky played in the tougher conference. I give East Carolina the edge though, slightly. Pick: East Carolina
Evan: Kentucky had been injured the last half of the season, otherwise they would have had a better record. SEC homer, pick: UK
Mike: Remember when East Carolina was going to run the table? They started off the year with two big wins, when no one else was playing anyone. Then they fell off. Kentucky lost 3 straight to end the year. Pick: East Carolina

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Utah vs Alabama, Friday (Jan 2) 8pm
Ahad: Alabama
Matt: I honestly don’t know how well Utah matches up with Alabama. Utah has beaten some good teams, but they haven’t faced a team like Alabama. Utah keeps it interesting in the 1st half, but Alabama will pull away in the 2nd. Pick: Alabama
Evan: It’s a home game for Bama and Saban is pretty good in bowl games. Pick: Bama
Mike: I think the only way Alabama loses this one is if they come in not caring. Utah will be ready to play but Alabama is definitely a better team. I hear that as far as coaching football goes, Saban is pretty good. Pick: Alabama

International Bowl: Buffalo vs Connecticut, Saturday (Jan 3) 8pm
Ahad: UConn
Matt: This is Buffalo’s first ever bowl game. Why isn’t this bowl game played before New Years? It doesn’t really fit in with the others. Buffalo was the only team to beat Ball State this season, so I am sure they are no pushover. I think Donald Brown will carry UConn to victory, though. Pick: Connecticut
Evan: Buffalo, because why not?
Mike: At first I had a problem with these bowls happening after New Years but with the BCS Championship pushed out a week, I’m ok with it now. My bigger problem with this game is that there are plenty of northern cities that don’t have bowl games, yet Toronto gets one? I know Ahad is still bitter over Buffalo’s Hail Mary to beat Temple (and so am I). Looking at schedules, cause that’s all I have for these two teams, UConn started off strong but Buffalo finished strong. Pick: Buffalo

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