Bowl Picks: Dec 29/30

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Papajohns.com Bowl: North Carolina State vs Rutgers, Monday (Dec 29) 3pm
Ahad: Rutgers
Evan: This boils down to, who likes pizza more? I say Piscataway. Pick: Rutgers
Matt: Both of these teams come in on some pretty good win streaks: NC State has won 4 in a row and Rutgers has won 6 in a row. I like Rutgers to make it 7 in a row. Pick: Rutgers

Valero Alamo Bowl: Missouri vs Northwestern, Monday (Dec 29) 8pm
Ahad: Missouri
Evan: Chase plays a great game. His girlfriend gets back together with him. Pick: Missouri
Matt: I would not be surprised if Northwestern were able to pull this game out. I still like Missouri, though. Pick: Missouri
Mike: Northwestern had a good year for Northwestern. 5 wins in the Big 10, how’d they manage that? Missouri just got rolled by the Big 12 South. Still, I don’t think these teams are in the same league. Pick: Missouri

Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl: Maryland vs Nevada, Tuesday (Dec 30) 4:30pm
Ahad: Nevada
Evan: The Terps won every time I picked against them. I’m gonna see what it looks like on the other side of the fence. Pick: Maryland
Mike: Oh no, not Maryland. I hope I have my 1 confidence point game left. Nevada had Boise State at home this year but they are in the same conference, so most of the players have seen the blue turf before. I say that’s an advantage. Pick: Nevada
Matt: I don’t know too much about this Nevada team, but they played a tough schedule and beat some decent teams. Maryland has been wildly inconsistent this season. I am gonna go with the more consistent team. Pick: Nevada

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma State vs Oregon, Tuesday (Dec 30) 8pm
Ahad: Ok State
Evan: I’m gonna pick Oklahoma State for no other reason than Janke will pick Oregon.
Mike: How dare you assume my pick. I won’t let my undetermined affection for the state cloud my picking. At first glance I thought there was a larger margin between these two teams. They both have 3 losses. OK State to Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma. Not much fault there. Oregon to Boise State, USC, and Cal. Still not that close, but closer than I thought. Pick: Oklahoma State
Matt: This one ought to be a doozy. First one to 40 wins? Maybe even 50? I am very tempted to pick Oregon after how they rolled over Oregon State. Oklahoma State played in the tougher conference, and I think that gives them the edge here. Pick: Oklahoma State

Texas Bowl: Western Michigan vs Rice, Tuesday (Dec 30) 8pm
Ahad: Western Michigan
Evan: Central Michigan screwed me over. Pick: Rice
Mike: I enjoy Evan taking out his anger with CMU over another directional Michigan school. Umm, Rice has won 6 straight. I like the sound of that. Pick: Rice
Matt: Both teams had pretty good records this season. Central Michigan screwed me over as well. I am a big fan of rice the food, so…Pick: Rice

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