Bowl Picks: Dec 23-26

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San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Boise State vs TCU, Tuesday (Dec 23) 8pm
Matt: This should be a great game. I saw on ESPN that one of the TCU defenders is out for the game, so that may have some impact. I like Boise State to complete their season undefeated. Pick: Boise State
Ahad: Boise
Evan: Boise State doesn’t lose bowl games. Pick: Broncos
Mike: How about some bowl flex scheduling? This game deserves a much better spot. Undefeated Boise State against TCU, who’s losses were to Oklahoma and Utah. Hey TCU, that sort of resume could get you a spot in the Fiesta Bowl. Boise State’s closest game of the year was a 5 point win over Oregon. This looks like a very even matchup. I give the edge to Boise State wanting to prove they should have gotten respect from the BCS. Pick: Boise State

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs Notre Dame, Wednesday (Dec 24) 8pm
Matt: Can Notre Dame end their bowl losing streak? This is probably one of their best opportunities to do so. Hawaii is essentially at home, and that should give them a big edge. Pick: Hawaii
Ahad: I love watching Notre Dame lose. Pick: Hawaii
Evan: No one is giving Notre Dame any love. Since we’re not doing confidence points in this forum, I’m going with the Irish
Mike: I don’t like teams playing at home for bowl games. At least Hawaii is a nice place to be in December. When Boise State plays at home, it isn’t as much fun. Is anyone looking forward to this matchup? I’m going to do my best to avoid watching any of it. This is a great example of why there are too many bowl games. I’m going to say that since the Irish players plans to be terrible so that they’d get a new coach failed, they will start trying. Pick: Notre Dame

Motor City Bowl: Florida Atlantic vs Central Michigan, Friday (Dec 26) 7:30pm
Matt: Don’t know much about either team. I just know Central Michigan took on some tougher competition this season and seem like the better team in this matchup. Pick: Central Michigan
Ahad: Central Michigan
Evan: I think the Chippewas have the highest percentage of sportsnation picking them than any other bowl team. There must be a reason. Pick: Central Michigan
Mike: This game was on later last year. I remember watching it while skiing. This year the Big Ten couldn’t even fill it. So they went with … Florida Atlantic. They must have had a bad pick in the bowl-eligible draft. Central Michigan is pretty good and Florida Atlantic went .500 in unspectacular fashion. Pick: Central Michigan

Through 5 Games:
Evan: 2-3
Ahad: 2-3
Matt: 2-3
Mike: 1-4

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