Bowl Picks: Dec 20/21

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Eaglebank Bowl: Wake Forest vs Navy, Saturday 11am
Evan: These guys already played once this year. I’ve got Wake winning, and I think I had them high on my confidence rankings as well. Pick: Wake
Ahad: Wake
Mike: I haven’t heard of this EagleBank. I also don’t know about a DC bowl game. Plus, 11am? Is that needed on any day except Jan 1st? Originally this was going to be called the Congressional Bowl, but EagleBank saw to that. If I’m looking at the schedules correctly, Wake Forest has played 1 ranked team (#20) and Navy has played 2 (Ball State and Pitt). Wake won their ranked game. Pick: Wake Forest
Matt: Wake has already lost to Navy at home. I am gonna go against you guys and pick Navy to win again. Pick: Navy

New Mexico Bowl: Colorado State vs Fresno State, Saturday 2:30pm
Evan: I don’t even remember hearing a Colorado State score this year, did they even play a season? I do remember the Bulldogs being ranked at one point. Pick: Fresno St
Ahad: Fresno State
Mike: Usually I at least hear about the Colorado/Colorado St game, but I guess that only matters when Colorado is good. Fresno St played a very close game against Wisconsin (losing 13-0). That was when we thought Wisconsin was good. Pick: Fresno State
Matt: I am not sure about this Fresno State team. I thought they were good earlier in the season, but their record doesn’t look all that hot. Colorado State played a lot of close games, especially against some currently ranked teams. Pick: Colorado State

magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl: Memphis vs South Florida, Saturday 4:30pm
Evan: This is the worst name for any bowl this year. Memphis misses two free throws at the end of the game that would have tied it. Pick: USF
Ahad: USF
Mike: Where did magicJack come from? I hear their very bad commercials almost every morning. They fill entire breaks on ESPNews. This is the other new bowl this year, along with EagleBank. It’s about time Florida was given a bowl game. This is an ugly matchup. South Florida went 2-5 in conference. They play in the Big East! So I leaned toward Memphins until I saw they went 4-4 in Conference USA. Still, that 2-5 in the Big East just turns me off. Pick: Memphis
Matt: What is magicJack? I certainly have never heard of it. What kind of business is it? Anyways, I think South Florida is the superior team and it will show in this game. Pick: South Florida

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs Arizona, Saturday 8pm
Evan: BYU had BCS dreams. How do Mormons handle Vegas? The Wildcats will be partying too much, it helps that BYU won’t be at Bally’s the night before. Pick: BYU
Ahad: BYU
Mike: I think Evan made the only point that needs to be made about this game. BYU in Vegas, anything could happen. Luckily they are a lot better than Arizona. Pick: BYU
Matt: This game could easily go either way, but Arizona is just too inconsistent. Pick: BYU

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Southern Miss vs Troy, Sunday 8pm
Evan: Troy?
Ahad: Troy

Mike: I respect R+L Carriers for going with the + instead of the &. Troy lost 4 games this year: Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Louisiana-Monroe, and LSU. That’s quite a schedule. If they schedule like most teams at their level, they likely would have had 2 losses. Pick: Troy
Matt: Troy was not afraid of the bigger schools this year, and they darn near pulled off the upset over LSU. They have also produced several NFL stars like DeMarcus Ware, Osi Umenyiora, and Leodis McKelvin. They must be doing something good at that school. Pick: Troy

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