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Top 5 things that would be different if I were in charge…

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I was going to go with the cliche Top 5 Superbowl commercials, but we kind of discussed that yesterday, so I’m doing something different this week. After a rough day yesterday, this was my shower thought of the day. The difference is, I don’t have all 5 answers yet. I don’t want to half-@ss it, I still need to ponder, but, I feel you all may need to ponder as well. So, I’m going to post the question, and when you feel you have adequately solved the world’s problems (or at least 5 things), post-away!


The Top Five Things I Love About Living in ____________.

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I decided to break away from the usual Valerie ranting and raving and go with a positive one this time. Plus, last week we covered where we’ve been, and where we’d like to go, now I want to know…

The Top Five Things I Love About Living in ____________. (Insert wherever you are currently living)

Seattle, WA

5) You can take a ferry boat for 30 minutes and feel like you’ve completely escaped.

4) Sporting events end before my bedtime.

3) I don’t have to scrape ice off of my windshield every morning for 4 months straight (normally).

2) It has GORGEOUS mountains (and volcanos).

1) Dr. McDreamy!!!!!! (HA!)


Top 5 People Who Annoy The CRAP Out Of Me At Work!

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1) People who slurp coffee/soup/etc. at their desks.

2) Anyone who calls me sweetie, darling, honey, kid, asks my age, etc…

3) The guy who wedges himself in the corner seat in our weekly board meeting, props his head up on the corner-walls, falls asleep, and farts

4) Creepy old men

5) Printer nazis

The Top 5 are the highlights, I could go on all day around here…


Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of Janke?

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So, I’m not sure if this is really the type of post we’re going for here, it isn’t necessarily a group discussion, but, it’s something I’ve been wondering about and feel the answer might be interesting to others as well. My question here is, Mike, what is the goal of all of this? Your site, The Daily Email, the Google Group, the Mapper, Frapper, Rapper, Napper (I’m at work and my mind wanders)…this site…All of the nerdy Comp Sci stuff… What is this building up to? Are you just trying to make a forum to keep people connected in this CrAzY world? Or are you trying to build some sort of Mike-Janke-coup-de-Google-cyber-empire? Maybe you just get a kick out of playing around with code and techy stuff (I personally shudder at the thought)?


Curious in Seattle