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1. If you were watching the Penn State game this weekend, you would have noticed that there was a question asked in the 3rd quarter. The question was something along the lines of, “Who is the only Penn State football player to be drafted #1 in the NFL draft?” Obviously, there is more than one. We all looked at each other at the bar in befuddlement and were anxiously awaiting the answer that they would provide. They never did provide an answer. I could only assume they realized the error and just tried to pretend like it never happened.

2. I watched the NFL Network Replay of the Packers-Cowboys 1996 NFC Championship Game this weekend. I mention this because Ed Hochuli was the ref in that game. Looking at him then and now, it certainly looks like he has taken some performance enhancing drugs. He just didn’t have the guns then that he has now, a la Barry Bonds.

3. A couple weeks ago, I participated in Bobby Engram’s Walk for Sickle Cell Research. I got to meet and chat it up with Bobby. He’s a real nice guy. I also got to see and/or meet Deion Branch, Seneca Wallace, Nate Burleson, Julian Peterson, Marcus Trufant, and Matt Hasselbeck among others. Charlie Frye was there too, and he seemed like an A-hole. Hasselbeck was there with his wife and kids, and his daughters were very tomboyish. In fact, they were beating up the little Engram boys in their game of tackle football. Anyways, with this being the bye week for the Seahawks, the word is that Bobby is going to come watch the game Saturday night with the alumni group, so it should be fun. Anyways, that wasn’t really relevant, but I thought it was cool.


Top 5 Things I Miss Now That I’m In The Real World

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5. Cheap Alcohol – I could get a couple of pitchers of beer during a happy hour in college for what I am paying now for a draught.

4. Not having to pay so many bills – Kind of obvious, but from paying back school loans to paying off credit cards, it can be quite the pain.

3. Not worrying about being mature 70% of the time – It was always nice knowing you didn’t have to act like an adult yet.

2. Free Stuff – Seriously, think about all the free stuff you got living under your parents roof, and then all the free food and flair you would get in college. Nothing beats that.

1. Not having to wake up early to go to work/school 5 days a week – As much as it doesnt bother me to get up early, I still liked when you could not have an early class or had the opportunity to skip class. You can’t do that with work really.