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Why are late people always late?!

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This is random, but I gotta post a question to you guys: I have four friends that are always late.  Its at the point where I can just count on them being late. I’m not talking about 5 minutes either, I mean 20-30 minutes +. I often find myself telling them earlier meeting times just so that they arrive on time. haha My question to you guys is: if late people KNOW they’re always late, why are they still late?  Did that make sense?

I’m just wondering why they don’t keep in mind that they are always late and thus, start getting ready earlier? Don’t they care that they keep people waiting? What do you guys think? Any comments? Questions? Concerns? haha


Top 5 Things I secretly miss about the 80s

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1) Slap Bracelets…a way to entertain yourself for hours (p.s. check out why they were banned)

2) Batman/Barbie cereal…not gonna lie, breakfast became a little more exciting

3) Michael Jackson: pre-pedophile days

4) High top sneakers in any color imaginable…literally

5) Side pony tails and tying shirts into a knot…CLEARLY needs to come back in style

80’s pop culture: fun, yet so easy to make fun of 😉