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What was that number again?

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Two days ago I got a text from a strange number. Since I’m nice, and since my dad sometimes gives people my number instead of his by accident, I replied. Here is how the conversation went…

Stranger (12:19pm): hello
me (5:21pm): Hi?
Stranger (8:41pm): This is Bob* from match
Stranger (10:15pm): sorry about the dentist crack
me (10:32pm): Sorry, I still don’t think I know who you are…who are you looking for? Do you have the right number? :-/
Stranger (10:33pm): i am looking for a hooker named amy* i got this number off facebook
me (10:51pm): Sorry, can’t help you there.
Stranger (10:34pm): bummer
Stranger (11:35pm): good night amy
Stranger (8:49am): omg i did have the wrong number i am so sorry
me (5:13pm): Haha, told you 😛
Stranger (5:14pm): And i am so embarrased
me (5:48pm): Why? I don’t know you. Have fun with Amy 😉

*Names have been changed in case Bob ever somehow comes across this.


I hate automated help lines!

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I hate those automated systems that every company has when you call their help line or customer service. I hate how you have to enter all this information before you get to talk to a real person, and then they ask you all the same information again! Why did i have to enter it in the first place??? Even worse is when you have to talk to Mr. Automated Non-Human instead of typing it in. Half the time he doesn’t understand what you are saying. And sometimes if i’m trying to take care of something at work i dont want to say my social, birthday, mother’s maiden name, childhood pet, first known zip code, and favorite color out loud. It seems like Mr. ANH has replaced the humans all together and its nearly impossible to get a real one. Sometimes you have to know the special code-word to tell Mr. ANH to get a human (which, for United Airlines is “Agent” by the way). Then, once you do you get Mr. Guy-With-A-Strange-Accent-Half-Way-Around-The-World, he sometimes has more trouble understanding you than Mr. ANH. Also, i hate when Mr. GWASAHWATW seems grumpy that he has to answer the phone and talk to you at all. You’re a call center! Its your job! Deal!

I’ve talked to about 20 GWASAHWATW’s and a handful ANH’s in the last month trying to set up all my utilities and then having to call backwhen something went wrong. Just once it would be nice to talk to areal human right away, or even after entering a couple choices to narrow down the search (billing questions, setup service, etc) but before entering any personal information. I hope the companies realize they’ve gone too far to save a few bucks and are pissing off their customers. I’m about to the point where i’ll spend a few extra dollars a month for the company that doesnt use Mr. GWASAHWATW and especially ones that dont use Mr. ANH. I hate him!


Top Five coolest jobs ever that I wish I had thought to do…

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What are the top five careers you would want?  Not to include your current job.  I don’t mean what else did you want to be growing up, but what are some awesome jobs that you wish you had thought of.

5) Zoo/aquarium animal caretaker – when i was in Brisbane Australia, we went to see Steve Irwin’s zoo.  There were a couple of trainers playing with baby tigers (kittens?).  Thats a job that would be awesome!

4) Mythbuster – I would give anything to be on that show!

3) National Geographic photographer – I’ve always liked photography and travel.  Maybe if i worked for them i could go to Antarctica and play with the Penguins!

2) Navy Seal – They get all sorts of cool toys!  I wanted to be one for awhile, but i’m neither male nor buff.

1) Fighter pilot – This was my older brother’s dream, and I didn’t want to copy him, but now i kinda wish i did.  I don’t know if i have the stomach for it though.


Top 5 Favorite Childhood Cartoons

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5 – Flintstones – My favorite for a long time.  I even named my cat Pebbles.  She recently passed away after a long 17.5 year life.

4 – Tail Spin – I don’t really know why I liked it so much.  Each episode was solid (well, as well as i can remember)

3 – Duck Tales – I had a huge craving to watch this in college one semester, and no matter how hard i searched online I couldn’t find any episodes to download.  They did show it on Toon Disney, but that was not one of the 150 channels we got in the dorms.  The show is available on DVD now though. 🙂

2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – a solid favorite of anyone in our generation.

1 – Animaniacs – Between Pinky and the Brain and the Godfeathers, how could you not love this show?