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Top 5 ways to Kill Time at Work

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5.  Getting Coffee – Sometimes, if you’re really bored, you can just get up and walk really slowly to the coffee maker.  This can shave a good 5 to 10 minutes off the clock.  Carrying papers with you makes you look more official.

4.  Reading the News – CNN is always a nice diversion, and if you get caught, you can  just say you’re keeping up with current events.

3.  Staring straight ahead – If you work at it, you can actually train yourself to shut off your brain and stare at a spreadsheet for long periods of time.  Hours can disappear like seconds.

2.  The Daily Email – chatting it up with friends makes the day more bearable.

1.  Bathroom trips – Nothing is more satisfying than dropping a deuce on the company dime!