Always Good Stuff on Sunday Morning

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I post videos from CBS Sunday Morning often. I’m still pretty sure I’m the only person under 50 who DVRs the show. Every week there are at least two segments that are excellent. Thinking about it this morning, I think it has a better hit rate than SNL overall. SNL doesn’t do heartwarming, but Sunday Morning does do funny. Traveling for Thanksgiving I was a few weeks behind. Here are two clips I loved from I think 2 weeks ago.

If you would have asked if I wanted to watch a story about toasters, I would have said no. Now I want to go to the convention, and leave my wallet at home to keep me from buying anything.

First, I had no idea what bialys were. When they said they came from Bialystock, I only thought of Max Bialystock. After that, the story is really amazing.

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