She’s a pretty girl. She’s always falling down.

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This week’s iPhone special was +44 – Baby Come On. To be specific, it was the acoustic version from Punk Goes Acoustic 2. Blink 182 is probably my all-time favorite band, listening to them led me to everything I listen to now. While it might have seemed like a tragedy when they broke up, they went on to form Angels & Airwaves and +44. So that meant 2 bands that I loved, rather than 1. How is that a bad thing? So even though it doesn’t sound like there will be another +44 album, I’m really hoping for any sort of Mark Hoppus Album.

I found this acoustic version on MySpace, I haven’t tried to embed MySpace before, so look out …
Plus 44 – Baby Come On (Acoustic)

While I was searching, I found this video someone made using clips from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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