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09/10 Bowls: Dec 31

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Air Force vs Houston, Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (Dec 31, 12pm, Fort Worth, TX)
Evan: I like Air Force’s fight song, it’s catchy, and so are their receivers. Hey oh! Pick: Air Force
Mike: Houston has been unpredictable all year. I haven’t heard much about Air Force but they are impressive when you look at their losses: Minnesota, Navy, TCU, Utah, BYU. Minny is the only one I can really fault them for. I lean on stars in bowl games and I’m a big fan of Casey Keenum. Pick: Houston
Ahad: Terrible joke Evan. Just for that, I’m going with Houston. Pick: Houston
Matt: Intriguing game between the Houston high flying passing attack and Air Force’s #1 ranked pass defense. The key is Houston’s defense against the Air Force option attack because Houston will get their points on offense. Air Force keeps it close, but Houston will squeak out the win. Pick: Houston

Stanford vs Oklahoma, Brut Sun Bowl (Dec 31, 2pm, El Paso, TX)
Evan: Oklahoma needs to prove they are still relevant. Spiller used his bowl game to prove he was Heisman worthy. Toby Gerhart will do the same. Pick: Stanford
Mike: Does Texas own New Years Eve bowl games? 3 of the 5 are in the state. Here Oklahoma still lingers here. The OU defense could easily show up and shut down Gerhart. However, there’s no Bradford and the disappointed giant in a bowl game theory applies here. Pick: Stanford
Ahad: The Sooners have a lot to prove in this game. The defense will take care of business. Is there any doubt who I am picking in this one? Pick: Oklahoma
Matt: No, Ahad, there was no doubt from me. You always bet on Sooner. I think Oklahoma will exploit the leaky Stanford defense and their defense will be up to the task of stopping Gerhart and Co. Pick: Oklahoma

Missouri vs Navy, Texas Bowl (Dec 31, 3:30pm, Houston, TX)
Evan: I’m sticking with my service academies, and if you don’t it means you must hate America. Pick: Navy
Mike: What did Mizzou do all year? They lost each of their ranked games plus Baylor. The only Navy game I got to see a lot of was them barely beating ND, which does not qualify as impressive. If I have to flip the coin, and I guess I do. Pick: Navy
Ahad: I don’t want anyone to say I hate America. Pick: Navy
Matt: Well, I don’t hate America in case you were wondering, and I do like what Navy brings to the table. I just don’t see it being enough in this game. I will be rooting for them, though. Pick: Missouri

Minnesota vs Iowa State, Insight Bowl (Dec 31, 6pm, Tempe, AZ)
Evan: Golden Gophers vs the Cyclones. I didn’t even know Iowa state was bowl eligible. Pick: Minnesota
Mike: No thanks. Minnesota’s only double digit wins this year were over Purdue (15) and Northwestern (11). That’s with a schedule that included Syracuse and South Dakota State (beat both by 3). Iowa State had only one bright spot, but it’s very bright. That 9-7 shootout against Nebraska (most of those shots in the shootout were Nebraska to their own feet). This bowl is so unappealing they should have held it in November. Pick: Minnesota
Ahad: I have to show the Big 10 some love. Pick: Gophers
Matt: How do these two 6-6 teams have a bowl game so late in the bowl season? Wow, where to go with this one? Minnesota hasn’t shown much on offense recently, and that worries me in this game. That tempts me to want to go with Iowa State, but then again, we are talking about Iowa State. Pick: Minnesota

Virginia Tech vs Tennessee, Chick-fil-A Bowl (Dec 31, 7:30pm, Atlanta, GA)
Evan: I really want to stick with my SEC picks, yet Va Tech scares me. I think Kiffin has something up his sleeve. Pick: Vols
Mike: Finally something, no wonder it’s in primetime. Actually, scratch that. Tennessee does not appeal to me. They did have some close losses (2 points to Bama, 10 to UF) but they were losses. I’m crossing my fingers for a tight game, but I have to Pick: Virginia Tech
Ahad: I am going to continue to go against Evan. Pick: V-Tech
Matt: I like Virginia Tech, but I don’t think they’re as good as their record and rank indicate. They have been inconsistent at times, but so have the Vols. The Volunteers got off to a rough start but have been playing better down the stretch. Should be a good, close game, but I am gonna go with the slight upset. Pick: Tennessee

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