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09/10 Bowls: Dec 22-24

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Oregon State vs BYU, Maaco Bowl Las Vegas (Dec 22, 8pm, Las Vegas, NV)
Matt: This looks to be a pretty good matchup. BYU hasn’t played that many tough teams this season, and they will certainly be tested in this one. Oregon State has lots of talent on offense and their team speed could give BYU problems. I think Quizz will prove too much to handle for the BYU defense. Pick: Oregon State
Ahad: This game will definitely test BYU. The Beavers are better prepared for this matchup since they have played more quality opponents. I agree with Matt, Quizz will be too much for BYU. Pick: Oregon State
Mike: Finally a game worth checking out. This is BYU’s 5th trip in a row to the Las Vegas Bowl? That still doesn’t make sense to me that BYU would keep going to Vegas. I need to get a sponsor for my pre-game player to watch segment. I’ve got my eye on Max Hall picking apart OSU. Pick: BYU
Evan: I think Oregon State is still upset about losing the Civil War. The Las Vegas Bowl is a far drop off from the Rose Bowl, and I think OSU has a hard time getting in gear. The Beavers will also be out partying in Vegas while BYU will be praying somewhere. Pick: BYU

Utah vs California, SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl (Dec 23, 8pm, San Diego, CA)
Matt: This game really comes down to which Cal team shows up. They got waxed in their season finale against Washington and have been inconsistent all season. Utah has been more consistent and has the winning pedigree, especially in bowl games. I’ll go with the Utes. Pick: Utah
Ahad: Utah is always looking to prove that it belongs with the schools in the big conferences. Cal has been a disappointment this year and this game will be no different. Pick: Utah
Mike: Utah had a nice year but couldn’t stack up with TCU or BYU. Best won’t be going for Cal, but that hasn’t seemed to change the unpredictability of the team this year. The numbers put this as a fairly even matchup with Utah having slightly better numbers on defense. I like Cal after matching up with the Pac 10 this year. Pick: California
Evan: Cal’s 2 faceness and the fact that Urban Meyer used to coach Utah makes this easy. Pick: Utah

Nevada vs SMU, Sheraton Hawaii Bowl (Dec 24, 8pm, Honolulu, HI)
Matt: June Jones, now the coach of SMU, returns to Hawaii where he had much success. I don’t think it will be a pleasant return. I can’t pick a team to win a bowl game that lost to Wazzu. Pick: Nevada
Ahad: I think June Jones returning is the biggest story line for this game. Because of my biased against directional schools, I will have to go with Nevada. Pick: Nevada
Mike: After reading Matt & Ahad’s picks I don’t have to do any research. I hadn’t thought about SMU in my directional school thought. They don’t have a state in their name. If they lost to Wazzu, I’m out. Pick: Nevada
Evan: I can’t argue with everything I have read here. Pick: Nevada

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