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Olympic Pickem, if that’s what you want to call it, is here and ready for you to make your picks.

I’d wanted to do something for the last Olympics but I couldn’t wrap my head around a decent idea. The Winter Games has a lot fewer events. So I started with something simple. Just pick a country in each of the 86 events. If that country wins a medal, you get points. Simple enough. No dealing with individual athletes, that would get confusing in half a second.

Olympics Picks Site – Go here to sign-up or create your own group. If you have your own group, you can set the point values for different medals. Maybe to you, silver is just one of the losers.

Make Your ICH Picks – Open to everyone, just need an ICH account.

If you have suggestions for next time around, leave them in the comments.

Some things I thought of that I’d like feedback on …
I didn’t include any sort of wager or confidence points.
The country list is the same for every event. I didn’t have time to research what countries had participants in each event.
Perhaps a subset of the most popular events would be a better option.
Maybe each country can only be selected once (or a set number of times). I’d imagine some people would just pick the USA in every event.
Deadlines before each event. This year all picks have to be in before the 1st event starts on the morning of February 12th.

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