Why I hate the NFL (at this moment)

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1) The rules don’t make any sense. ‘Oh, he knocked out that defenseless receiver but he hit him with his shoulder, so that’s legal.’ I don’t care if it’s a helmet or not. If it looks like a cheap it, it should be a penalty. If it was vicious, throw him out of the game. Next year, I’d like to see a whole lot more ejections. It’s the best way I can see right now to get the point across.

2) Anyone can win any week. The Seahawks were terrible all year. Them beating the Saints was a huge upset. Was it? I wasn’t surprised. I’m never surprised by a team winning in the NFL. Yawn. I like upsets. I like to root for underdogs. With the current system in the NFL, there is no such thing.

3) Announcers. Ugh. We have the technology now. There is no reason each team can’t have their own announcers. Why not have three feeds of every game? One for each team and a national crew. I see no downside here. Not only would I stop hating the announcers every second of the game, it would increase my enjoyment a ton. Local announcers wouldn’t have to water down the coverage.

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