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I am a 2005 graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State. I am currently out in Seattle working defense programs at Boeing. They pay me so on the weekends I can get outside and climb, hike, run, ski, snowshoe, spelunk…and generally flirt with danger!

Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of Janke?

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So, I’m not sure if this is really the type of post we’re going for here, it isn’t necessarily a group discussion, but, it’s something I’ve been wondering about and feel the answer might be interesting to others as well. My question here is, Mike, what is the goal of all of this? Your site, The Daily Email, the Google Group, the Mapper, Frapper, Rapper, Napper (I’m at work and my mind wanders)…this site…All of the nerdy Comp Sci stuff… What is this building up to? Are you just trying to make a forum to keep people connected in this CrAzY world? Or are you trying to build some sort of Mike-Janke-coup-de-Google-cyber-empire? Maybe you just get a kick out of playing around with code and techy stuff (I personally shudder at the thought)?


Curious in Seattle

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  • Mike

    Would anyone be surprised that people are often curious about the inner workings of my head? Usually for positive things but sometimes words like evil are used with the question. In fact, on one of my college web sites when I had something I had to write about I titled it From the Mind of Janke.

    The goal of everything I do is to have fun and make other people think, laugh, and hopefully both. Since I realized that I was able to make people laugh I’ve always attempted to. These is no reason not to be smiling all the time. When I see a chance to make things better for others I take it. I’m a humanitarian, a people person, always looking out for the little guy. In fact, I may be too giving. Its a curse I just have to live with. Oh, sorry, I think my lying has lost much of the audience.

    The Daily Email grew out of a lot of things going on in my life, most notably a new job. Of course this meant a new routine, new people, and a different mindset. So of course that meant new things to complain about, share, and crazy new ideas. I had to find some new way to share all of these. One day, I sent out an email to a group of friends and it got quite a response. So it became a daily activity. I quickly realized that everyone was bored at work and hated their jobs. I wondered what people did at work before I started sending out my email. It wasn’t just me carrying the load, I just got things started each day. The best days are when everyone is involved. While it may waste a lot of company time for a lot of people, I saw it makes everyone happier and more productive.

    This site’s goal is to take the fun and creativity of The Daily Email and spread it to the public. I know I’m always reusing things I’ve said in the email for laughs. If I start on Questions of the Day I’ve made a friend for life. Some of the members of The Daily Email have told me how they share with everyone around their office and with their friends and it gets a very positive response. I like to think they are a little jealous. So this site is for all those people who enjoy random conversations on a variety of topics. Maybe they’ve thought of some of these things before and just needed someone else to say it so they didn’t feel crazy. Its ok, you’re still crazy, everybody is.

    Doing some sort of audio show had been something I’d been wanting to do for over a year. Last year when podcasts started to become popular (at least in the computer geek community), I thought, “Why can’t I do this?” The problem was I didn’t think it was as effective with one person and my friends are not quite into all the latest computer news and gadgets. I then thought that podcasting is something that will start spreading to the mainstream so why not jump out in front. I had wanted to do a sports show and contacted some of my friends who I thought would make a good group. Everyone said they were interested but none of them had a microphone connected to their computer and no one had the initiative to get one. Finally I figured out a work around and convinced Evan to try it. He saw we might actually be good at it (no surprise) and got himself a headset. Now we’ve done 10 episodes of Inter-Dis Material.

    I’ve decided that whenever I have an idea I need to give it a chance. I’ve had some ideas in the past that I didn’t fully develop for whatever reasons, only to see a similar site become popular and sell for millions. What is the risk in trying any of these. Its not costing me anything more than my time and I’m enjoying doing all of it. If only one other person is enjoying what I’m able to produce then I’m happy. Often times I entertain up to two or three people.

    A big belief I have is that everyone has untapped talent. I think most people are content where they are and don’t dig to find what they are capable of. I want to use whatever talent I have. I also know that my friends are all more talented than me in just about every area. Finding that and pulling it all together would be some sort of amazing that I want to see. This is just a start.

    What is it building up to? That one of these projects, or a combination will let me first not have to have a real job anymore. Then I can start my own web development company/media empire. Then my friends, its time for the Master Plan.