About the author : I am a 2005 graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State. I am currently out in Seattle working defense programs at Boeing. They pay me so on the weekends I can get outside and climb, hike, run, ski, snowshoe, spelunk...and generally flirt with danger!

Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of Janke?

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So, I’m not sure if this is really the type of post we’re going for here, it isn’t necessarily a group discussion, but, it’s something I’ve been wondering about and feel the answer might be interesting to others as well. My question here is, Mike, what is the goal of all of this? Your site, The Daily Email, the Google Group, the Mapper, Frapper, Rapper, Napper (I’m at work and my mind wanders)…this site…All of the nerdy Comp Sci stuff… What is this building up to? Are you just trying to make a forum to keep people connected in this CrAzY world? Or are you trying to build some sort of Mike-Janke-coup-de-Google-cyber-empire? Maybe you just get a kick out of playing around with code and techy stuff (I personally shudder at the thought)?


Curious in Seattle

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