Which character on The Office should have their own show?

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  • Mike

    I immediately disqualify the Big 4 (Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Pam) from the process. The characters that jump into my mind first are Toby, Kelly, and Creed. Most of the others don’t seem like they’d be all that exciting.

    We seem to know the least about Toby. He’s a little creepy at times but has done nothing to warrant Michael hating him so much. He thinks Michael and most of the other people are morons, so he has some sense to him.

    The annoyance level of Kelly on the show is just at the edge of tolerable. The thought of an entire series just about her seems like a terrible idea. However, who on the show seems to have more fun? Seems is the key since the tiniest things seem to make her excited. Maybe she isn’t actually all that exciting. Still, she’s a great character.

    I see Creed’s show being different from the others. I don’t think he does all that much now. He’s so crazy now he must have had an interesting life thus far. So the show would cover the events in his life that made him the way he is. There have already been plenty of hints dropped that can get things started. Plus, as seen this season, the actor can play a range of ages, with enough hair dye.

    To me, its a toss up between Toby and Creed. Toby has potential for character development. Creed is fully developed, its potential lies in the ridiculous story lines that can be written for a character as insane as he is.

  • Gregg

    Stanley- He’s somehow the perfect mix of Danny Glover and Carl Winslow, but with less enthusiasm for life than either. I just love watching his reactions to everything that goes on around him.