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What was that number again?

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Two days ago I got a text from a strange number. Since I’m nice, and since my dad sometimes gives people my number instead of his by accident, I replied. Here is how the conversation went…

Stranger (12:19pm): hello
me (5:21pm): Hi?
Stranger (8:41pm): This is Bob* from match
Stranger (10:15pm): sorry about the dentist crack
me (10:32pm): Sorry, I still don’t think I know who you are…who are you looking for? Do you have the right number? :-/
Stranger (10:33pm): i am looking for a hooker named amy* i got this number off facebook
me (10:51pm): Sorry, can’t help you there.
Stranger (10:34pm): bummer
Stranger (11:35pm): good night amy
Stranger (8:49am): omg i did have the wrong number i am so sorry
me (5:13pm): Haha, told you 😛
Stranger (5:14pm): And i am so embarrased
me (5:48pm): Why? I don’t know you. Have fun with Amy 😉

*Names have been changed in case Bob ever somehow comes across this.

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