What to do in Frankfurt #1

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On Saturday, I have a 12-hour layover in Germany. Frankfurt to be exact. Searching for things to do this weekend I found The Dialog Museum. The description I saw said that it was a museum with no exhibits. I had to click on that.

I did some more research and came across this description, which really tells you all you needs to know.

The Dialog Museum bills itself as “A museum without any collections, and an exhibition with nothing to see.” In reality, the museum has three distinct parts: the “Dialog in the Dark,” which is a tour that gives visitors the experience of being blind, the “Taste of Darkness,” a restaurant where the food is served in total darkness, and the “Casino for Communication,” where visitors can play games which allow you to “learn more about someone in an hour than you would in a year’s worth of conversation.”

Sounds amazing! The eating part I’m not so much a fan of. Add on top of that it will be my first day ever in another country. I can foresee only bad news there. Also, I don’t think it’s very German. This museum could be next door and it would be exactly the same. Except it isn’t next door.Православни икони

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