What is your next car?

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  • Mike

    I am always on the lookout for a new car that I might like to have. I’m very happy with my current vehicle, an 06 VW GLI. I am almost halfway through my 3-year lease. Still, I always have my eyes open for when that lease does run out. From the time I got the car the Mini Cooper was my prime candidate. In fact, I wanted that as well before I bought my previous car.

    More recently I have become interested in the new Mercedes-Benz 2008 C-Class. Its got all the power I need and looks very cool. The starting price I’ve heard isn’t all that bad. Of course after I would build one that likely would rise quite a bit. Its not out yet, the page says this Summer. Shouldn’t be too long now until I can go on the site every few days and design myself a car.

    Of course when the time comes I’ll likely be buying the best hybrid I can get in my price range. Well, the best hybrid that I like the look of in my price range. Hopefully by then such a car will exist.

  • Kathleen

    mini coopers are awesome! I don’t even think they’re that cute, but the way they moved in The Italian Job did it for me. I just got a brand new car yesterday! Its not a mini cooper though, its a Hyundai Sonata and I’m very excited about :)I’ve never driven a brand new car before, so I’m lovin’ the smooth ride. Not gonna lie though, my favorite interior features are the purse, cd, and sunglasses holders. I’m a girl, I get excited about these things..

  • Ahad

    I want the Acura TL Type S. I have been saying this for more than a year now and eventually I will get it. I just can’t bring myself to part with that much money.

  • Jess

    I was recently introduced to the Audi R8 and fell in love. Of course, its a $110,000 car so i’ll keep dreaming. I bought a camry hybrid almost 2 years ago and hopefully it’ll last awhile. I’m hoping that hydrogen cars will be more accessable by the time i’m ready for a new car.