Well Done Coach

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The Xavier/Cincy fight with post game comments. Watch to the end to see the Cincy coach.

It was easy to be appalled by the Cincy players during the brawl. When I saw it the ESPN anchor said suspensions. Suspensions? One or two of them should be off the team. Then the Cincy coach, Mick Cronin. Wow. Exactly what he should have said. Made the players take off the jerseys and will decide who should get to put it back on. Jump to around 3:20 if you want to see the coach.

I assume no Cincy players spoke to the media after the game, or else ESPN would have shown it. I doubt the coach would have let them. I don’t think the Xavier players should have been out there either. I didn’t think they were wrong talking about being thugs and standing up for themselves, but maybe give it a little time before letting the players speak.

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