Weekly Nostalgia on AbsolutePunk

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I’ve been reading AbsolutePunk for many years now. During college it was where I found out about new bands, new releases, and tours. There was no MySpace or Last.fm or any of the other millions of ways to find music online these days.

A few weeks ago they started doing Weekly Nostalgia, featuring a great band from years ago. Last week was Midtown, one of my college favorites. I can’t remember the last time I listened to one of their albums. I’ve listened to Cobra Starship much more recently, but that counts less than half. I don’t think I ever saw them in concert, somehow they just slipped by.

This week’s is The Movielife. I know that I definitely saw them in concert at least once. I believe they were opening for Brand New. The Movielife was never one of my favorites. I’m not sure I listened to any of their albums all the way through more than once. The songs in this look back are all excellent (and are still in my playlist today) and make me wonder if I should have spent a little more time digging through their other stuff.

I’m excited for the next rounds of these looks back. I imagine most of them will be old favorites that I used to listen to non-stop but might have gotten out of the habit of listening to.

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