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I keep telling myself to do this daily, but I get sidetracked. Here is a sampling of the links I shared with my friends this week. These are the ones that made the cut and aren’t dumb after looking at them again.

The Condiment Pistol. Now if they can figure out how to get ketchup and mustard into the same gun. Perhaps a double-barreled shotgun?

My new favorite dinosaur name: Duckbilled Edmontosaurus.

Finally I won’t have to listen to everyone demanding that BattleBots come back.

Life Clock. Cool, interesting, or morbid?

Not sure how the Secret Public Journal will turn into a sitcom, I’ll watch though.

Colbert is coming to Philly. I got burned by the fact that I DVR it and watch it after work the next day. By the time I saw this, tickets were gone.

Do we want the largest building in the hemisphere to be in Philly? I guess we never want to win a championship.

Kenny Maine is writing a book? It will be kindling. Not because it will be bad, I will probably get it and enjoy it, but its going to be so try the sun will set it on fire.

The Dodgers are leaving Dodgertown. So sad, it really makes no sense. Orioletown doesn’t sound nearly as good. Lasorda said, “We’re going to leave, but we’re not leaving our memories.” Something about the wording of that quote bothers me. Sounds to me like ‘we’re leaving and we’re taking our memories with us’.

Is independent study a major at Michigan?

Service Pack 1 was released for Vista. Usually things start looking up after the first Service Pack. Who knows with Vista, everyone hates it so much and most of them haven’t even tried it.

The Adam Carolla Show
Teresa tells what Adam says is his favorite story. Part 1 Part 2
Who the F sells this S? (My favorite segment) Part 1 Part 2

These are a little old, but in the off chance you missed them …

Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon’s song.

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck’s song.

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