Wayne Brady is going to host the new Let’s Make a Deal

Mike, TV No Comment

Let’s first look at the new Let’s Make a Deal part. Awesome! One of the greats from GSN (what? it was new once?). Although after thinking about it, part of its greatness was that it was the 60s. So a goat and a tricycle behind a curtain was a great terrible prize. What are they going to do current day? Are they even going to be allowed to have animals?

Now bring in Wayne Brady. I immediately picture him doing a lot of singing and dancing around. Which would not help the show. Now if he keeps it under control and is just energetic running around the audience, then he has a chance.

This show’s success depends on two things: if the terrible prizes can generate a reaction and if the audience can pull of crappy costumes.

When I first read the story I was excited for the show but not Wayne Brady, now I’ve flipped. I’ve talked myself into Brady but can’t really picture a way that the show will work. It should be at least as good as Price is Right, which to me, says very little.

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