Watch: NOVA – Secrets Beneath the Ice

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When I got back from break, the only things left on my DVR were things I had recorded on PBS the past few months. That included a handful of NOVAs (and the other two Sherlock episodes I’ve been dying to watch).

This was the last episode of the year. It followed the ANDRILL program as they were investigating cores from various areas of Antarctica. The landscape of Antarctica varies greatly and no one really knows how each area will react to increases in temperature.

I especially enjoyed this episode because every time I said, ‘but what about …?’ they answered the question. Many times when I say that (it’s not weird that I talk to NOVA, right?) they will just skip along so they can finish covering everything before the hour is over.

If you are a science-y geek with 50-some minutes to kill, enjoy the embed. (Actually, the embed might not be the whole thing, so if you like the tease, I think you can see the whole thing here.)

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

NOVA | Secrets Beneath the Ice.

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