Wasting My Life: Romantically Challenged

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I usually try and check out any new show that looks moderately interesting. The good is that I will find a gem long before anyone else catches on. The bad is that I might get wrapped up in an average show that turns out to be quite addictive (see Lost, Gossip Girl). I often stumble upon something terrible and the question is how long until I turn it off.

Last night’s show was Romantically Challenged. I threw it on the DVR because, well, I’m not sure. I saw no redeeming quality in the previews. Maybe I just hadn’t seen a new show in a while. I made it about 4 minutes in. I was really done during the first scene. I can’t even fault the terrible acting because they didn’t have much to work with.

While I’m wasting my life watching these sorts of shows, what I really mean is that I’m wasting my life because I should be able to write a decent sitcom. At least one better than most that make the air. I can’t write a sitcom because I think it has to be good. Although I’m not sure I could come up with jokes this weak. I just keep quiet if I don’t have something funny enough to say. You can’t be silent in a sitcom. I’ll just have to package it as a drama.

I couldn’t find the show on Hulu, but ABC’s site might have some clips.

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