Visiting UNC

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The day after the visit to Duke we went to UNC. They had a home game on Saturday, so getting into the stadium wouldn’t have been an option. With my love of Duke basketball came an equal hatred of UNC basketball. Even though my feelings for Duke aren’t as strong as they used to be, my hatred for UNC is still going strong. Still, it’s a historic place and something I wanted to see.

We started over at the Dean Dome. Closed. Locked. No luck. You could peer through the doors to see the seats and just wish you could go in and see. There were hours posted for during the week, so I’m thinking the next time I visit I will have to work a weekday in somehow. The Hall of Fame was right next door and was closed as well. So this is the best shot I could get of the Dean Dome.

Dean Dome

The football stadium was not right next door, so we had to drive over to check it out. Kenan Stadium was a little more secure. The gate was open but there was a trash truck backed in so we weren’t sure if it was actually open. We slowly approached and I thought it would be easy enough to play dumb if it wasn’t allowed. My secret weapon? If they had a problem with it I would have said that Duke let us in to their football stadium. They probably would have let me take snaps on the field had I said that.

As we approached someone saw us and told us to come on in. It sounded as if he was in charge of the stadium cleanup, which consisted of a bunch of students with leaf blowers. Again we were able to wander around and go right down to the field. The stadium holds 60,000. Duke’s only held about 34k. Still not 106k, but more what I expect to see.

Kenan Stadium

UNC was still very nice, despite my hatred of it. On the surface most of these campuses look the same. Probably need to do some research before going to find some of the more unique spots. We didn’t have a lot of time to wander around, it was time to head home.

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