Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: USC @ OSU

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Justin: Any way that this thing can go to OSU?

Daron: well, yes.  Barkley = frosh

Justin: I think some fucktardedness from a true freshman is likely the mostly situation

Daron:  Maybe a less experienced defense than last year’s lets something get by them? Special teams, perhaps?

Justin: also true

Daron: I mean, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, this tOSU winning thing. It’s just unlikely

Justin: If i’m OSU I absolutely blow up the L.O.S. Stop the run at all costs

Daron: Oh god yes.  Force Barkley to beat you

Justin: 8-9 in the box.  Always

Daron: Barkley, and his one receiver, whom you bracket

Justin: take the Virginia tech approach

Daron: I think if you’re USC, you get creative to avoid that sorta thing. I think you put Joe McKnight out wide at times

Justin: true

Daron: you use play action with a vengeance. Not for first downs, but for kill shots

Justin: yeah that OSU gave up an 85 yard pass to NAVY

Daron: yep

Justin: i think repeated deep balls is a good way to go

Daron: and you know what

if you can engineer it in a week’s time

I think you work a wildcat/triple option package in

Justin: they could have some of that in there

Daron: I look for USC to get to the corners. Exercise some speed

Justin: try to pull the ole SEC?

Daron: yeah. Also, the Trojan pass rush is going to be important

Justin: Pryor will in fact do some stupid things, like take 20 yard sacks

Daron: Pryor can be monumentally stupid when under pressure, albeit untackleable

Daron: yes, but, he’s also near impossible to sack for anything LB sized or smaller

Justin: yes his 235ness is intimidating

Justin: methinks for OSU to win, their linebackers are gonna have to be real good.

Daron: I think, as a given, OSU’s defense is going to have to turn in a helluva performance, across the board to win. The LBs and S’s not biting on playaction being the key in my book.

Justin: Score?

Daron:  not sure on this one.  I don’t see it as a defensive struggle.  Certainly not a Bama/VT game.  I’m trying to create the game in my head a little bit… maybe something like 14-10 tOSU at halftime, but 30-21 USC final? Something like that?

Justin: i could see that

Daron: you?

Justin: well lord knows i’m not going to pick Ohio.  I’m thinking something close at halftime, with USC pulling away slightly towards the end. 31-17

Daron: I revise my prediction to 31-24, possibly 31-27; still Spoiled Children, though

Justin: duly noted

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