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Unbiased Picks: USC @ California

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Justin: USC-Cal?
Daron: REDEMPTION GAME!!!!!! USC sucked against Wazzou. See Doc Saturday for the best breakdown of that: needless turnovers, horrible third down conversion percentage, completely ruined the fact that they averaged 8 YARDS PER SNAP! Not run! Not pass! SNAP. What.The.HELL
Justin: wow, putting up only 28 with that is piss poor
Daron: yes, seriously, this season…are you ready for this? this blew my mind. THIS SEASON THEY ARE CONVERTING 25% OF THEIR THIRD DOWNS! 25?!?!?!?! 114th in the nation
Justin: wow, that’s just terrible. Barkley continues to be freshmantastic
Daron: with all of that talent and all of those other stats. it boggles the mind! the team is just plain sloppy
Justin: you want mind boggling? how about this: Cal surrendered 524 yards, including 236 on the ground and 288 in the air against Oregon.
Daron: well, USC has a chance to break 30% on third then, huh?
Justin: Conversely, Cal netted only 207 yards
Daron: yes, that was mindblowing, and a good example of why the season isn’t over when you lose one game. Really, for either team
Justin: Cal, despite grabbing 3 fumbles, only scored 3 points. a team with Javhid Best
Daron: that, sir, is capitalizing
Justin: 1 point per TO! Huzzah!
Daron: I imagine they feel the same.
Justin: So who walks outta this one with P10 title hopes?
Daron: welllllllllll, here’s the funny thing
Justin: both, probably
Daron: I think Cal can lose this and still win a title. yeah. I think USC has less margin for error if they lose this because, hell, that’s two losses already and one is to U-Dub; No game is off the table at that point
Justin: True, with Oregon still on teh schedule
Daron: And I don’t trust Oregon to not lose two more. Really, I think we say a nasty bout of mediocrity up top
Justin: true story
Daron: but that aside, this game. This magic game of who wants redemption a little more/who somehow finds a way to be less of a screw-up
Justin: yeah
Daron: I want to say Cal. but that’s just it: I WANT to say Cal…after last week, though? really?
Justin: Yeah Kevin riley’s performance will not allow me to do it.
Daron: is that how they’ll play against actual defenses?
Justin: USC, 27-13
Daron: yeah
Justin: ehhhhhhh 21-13
Daron: better…I was thinking 24-17. A little drama
Justin: too much stupid from behind the center
Daron: a little accidental scoring. I am still appalled at USC’s stats…watch those bastards beat both Cal and Oregon, but come in second or third because they drop games to OSU and Arizona
Justin: so possible.
Daron: blech

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