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Unbiased Picks – tOSU vs. Iowa

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Justin: Iowa-fOSU

Daron: ohhh, bastards. Well

Justin: Yeah

Daron: Rittenberg calls it the Vandenberg vs. Silver Bullets game

Justin: There’s that whole no offense thing, on both sides

Daron: which is his cute name for the OSU defense

Justin: adorables!

Daron: yeah

Justin: Well the truth of the matter is, the offense who wins this game only needs to score maybe 10-13 points

Daron: yeah. I mean, I guess there’s a chance for some big plays

Justin: Sure

Daron: what with that being how both teams score

Justin: Pryor is the biggest big-play runner in the big 11 at this point

Daron: Yeah, I saw that. Disappointing

Justin: right?

Daron: he and Ralph Bolden

Justin: Yeah. 18 points against the Purdue defense in their loss, is uninspiring

Daron: truth. Granted, they’ve been different, since then

Justin: True

Daron: ie. Winning and less giving of possession to others

Justin: yeah, but, even with a 17 point win over PSU, just 8-17 for 125 and 2 TDs and he threw in 50 on the ground (on only 5 carries)

Daron: yeah

Justin: Meanwhile, Saine and Harron combined for 36 carries for 126 yards.

Daron: that’s really all it takes, because let’s look at what Iowa’s offense is going to do:

Very little

Justin: yes. Yeah so this game plays way to into Tressel’s wheelhouse

Daron: their ground game has slowed down some, and you figure that’ll continue against the bullets of silverness

Justin: He needs to do absolutely nothing to win this game. so, I think they succeed with it

Daron: same with a QB who looks talented, but not quite on the same page as the receivers

Justin: Sure, i.e. 62 yards and a score for Posey, but nothing else for any of the WRs. Anyway, I think this game is just about 13-7, fOSU

Daron: I could see 20-14, something like that tOSU

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