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Unbiased Picks: The Other USC @ Georgia

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Justin: So the Joe Cox Non-Gunslinging experience vs. Stephen Garcia. Talk about your exciting offensive show down

Daron: yeah.  Although, oddly, one team is at least sorta happy with how it’s week ended and oddly, it was the team that scored fewer points. Both look to have pretty legit defenses.

Justin: SEC defense continues to be the story

Daron: yeah.   I think the big shocker for each offense wasn’t the play of the QB.  I mean, both knew there was some erraticism possible

Justin: yeah. Well I don’t know that there was a lot of surprise in Carolina, nobody really thought that offense’d be competent.  But (sight unseen for me, admittedly) Georgia was just bad against a defense that was equally bad last year

Daron: UGa gave up on the ground game in a hurry

Justin: Two things are safe to say: 1. Sturdivant’s got some bad luck and 2. AJ Green needs some damn help

Daron: UGA had 95 yards on 30 carries and 15-30 passing for 5.4 yards an attempt. Mooooore blech

Justin: yeah that’s not shining. Nor does it bode well for Georgia’s run for New Years Day.  Though to be fair, they may not need to be that good in the East this year, it seems

Daron: yea, UGa’s points both came on their opening drives of each half

Justin: yeah, I had heard that the scoring drives were impressive.  But, only  2 of them

Daron: last two drives illustrate this: Pass complete ( for a first down), Pass complete 4 yards, pass incomplete, pass incomplete, punt, and drive the second: Pass Complete (for a first down), rush for five, pass incomplete, pass incomplete, interception (on fourth down).  No balance and absolutely no success

Justin: yeah. So this week then, with a non-flu-ridden Cox and the chance to get Green on some true Freshmen in the secondary

Daron: Normally, UGa wins this by eking something out

Justin: and they need to probably only get 17 points?

Daron: and that seems how it’ll happen

Justin: yea im thinking something like 17-7,  21-10 maybe

Daron: prob less than that. Realistically 10-7, 10-6, 13-7, 13-10 are the lines I’m thinking

Justin: Yeah. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see a defensive TD from either squad

Daron: nope

Justin: Norwood destruction of Cox. Or somebody getting a gift from Mr. Garcia

Daron: Norwood and Matthews are going to be extra special sans a healthy LT.

Matthews was chasing down Russell Wilson last week, and Cox is no Wilson.

Justin: Yeah not the pair you want in that sitch

Daron: I think UGa pulls this out, but won’t be proud of it

Justin: Yea i’ll agree with that

Daron: To the tune of the scores I mentioned above, although with a defensive score it’ll shift into the realm which you predicted other fun stat? SC had 6 sacks last week: 2 by norwood, 2 by Matthews

Justin: scary pair those,  freaks

Daron: dear Joe Cox, it’s been lovely. I think this is a battle of who can be less inept.  Or get lucky on defense

Justin: yeah

Georgia seems logically more likely to be less inept

Daron:  I’m sticking with UGa. By three, but with no more than 17 points to their name

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