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Unbiased Picks – Texas vs. Oklahoma State

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Daron: Texas-OSU. Cowboys missing most of their ballers

Justin: yeah

Daron: but have been effective nonetheless

Justin: Where is Kendall Hunter, btw?   injured?

Daron: I believe so

Justin: ah yes.  Going into the season they had one of…scratch that the best return returning triad in the country

Daron: yeah,   it’s down to a triad of one

Justin: yeah

Daron: Kind of like the US Army used to be! Now it’s just Strong

Justin: to be fair, they don’t really lose a TON when they go to Toston

Daron: yeah, I mean, I think they’re gonna get some points

Justin: dude’s got 606 yards on 111 carries

Daron: It’s really a matter, to me, of how porous their defense decides to be

Justin: yeah, and how much Colt McCoy can get in the groove

Daron: yeah, and how open Shipley is or the newfound glory of Marquis Goodwin

Justin: OSU managed to give up 31 to A&M, but managed to contain mizzou pretty well

Daron: hey, A&M has an offense

Justin: Ok,Ok.

Daron: when not playing juggernaut’s like KSU

Justin: ill alter my arguments

Daron: <scoffs>

<vomits dinner>

Justin: Rice put up a season high against OSU, and not in garbage time.

Daron: well that’s just sad

Justin: yes, so.

Daron: As Vandy curbstomped Rice

Justin: OSU hasn’t not proven consistent


Justin: most people do


Justin: i can sense the anger

Daron: So, are you thinking a barnburner like the last few years? Texas hanging on by the skin of Bevo’s tail?

Justin: Texas turned on their biggest performance of the season last week

Daron: I think, p’raps

Justin: beating the figurative doodoo out of Missouri

Daron: hot

Justin: right?

Daron: now, Mizzou has looked impressive only in spells and Gabbert is a first year starter taking on the Muschamp defense

Justin: true

Daron: I just don’t buy the Tejas offense. Not yet

Justin: Robinson didn’t excel last year against Texas, but they were able to run, to the tune of 220 yards or so.  This is a run first spread, even when Bryant’s around.

Lesson: Dont Ever Talk to Primetime
Lesson: Don't Ever Talk to Primetime

Daron: yeah

Justin: but OSU gave up 400 yards to McCoy

Daron: who had more weapons (ie. a second receiver)

Justin: True. I just don’t see this happening, though

Daron: I don’t either

Justin: Oklahoma State’s gonna give up points

Daron: I just don’t like that everyone is gonna think Tejas is good because of it, though

Justin: and i’m not sure they’ll score enough. i hear you

Daron: nor I

Justin: This is Texas’s last chance (possibly even with the b12 title game) to put on a show and if they get up for any game, it’s this one. I sense something in the range of 42-24

Daron: you think? I’m thankin’ 31-37, 30-35

Justin: close huh

Daron: -ish.  May not seem that way.  A late score that is almost a come-ish back type scenario

but, you know, realistically there’s just not enough time, etc

Justin: gotcha, understood

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