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Unbiased Picks: Tennessee @ Florida

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Justin: Over-under on how long it Lane Kiffin looks exasperated on the sideline from humiliation?
Daron: 12 mins left, 2nd quarter

Oh Lane Kiffin, you silly little bastard
Oh Lane Kiffin, you silly little bastard

Justin: hahah. Yeah so i think Florida utterly demolishes them
Daron: I mean, that defense will keep it looking ok until exhaustion. IE around the beginning of the second quarter
Justin: well to be fair: the Florida Defense might just score some points, so the defense might last until the middle of the second quarter
Daron: this is true. Here’s the thing, and tell me if I’m off base here, but does Urban Meyer decide that he has more to gain by not stepping on Kiffin’s throat?
Justin: well
Daron: that he get’s some column inches for UF in the, “WHOA! Look at the sportsmanship displayed by Meyer” type thing?
Justin: haha
Daron: Or does he do what he did to UGa
Justin: I will say this, im curious to see what Monte Kiffin comes up with
Daron: You read Smart Football?
Justin: Workin on that now
Daron: Talking about how his Tampa 2 generally funnels play inside, but because that’s the strength of the O, he may actually reverse it to make UF’s OUTSIDE guys beat UT. Which will happen, but no one has really effectively done that yet
Justin: theres a few things you can do. They could match their best player up against Florida’s best player and let Berry basically man up Tebow (what I would want to see as a CFB Fan)
Daron: Chris Brown thinks Monte goes the Colts route, and lets Berry run around in the Bob Sanders role, which is sexual and violent and mildly terrifying
Justin: Yeah. That’s true. You could play in nickel most of the game to match speed, but keep Berry in the box. And reading the smartfootball thing, exactly what he said. The concept of using Berry in the “Robber” Position was fresh in my mind because of the description of Taylor Mays doing that too against Pryor (Not that he had to, with the game called by Tressel)
Daron: Yeah. I read Team Speed Kills. One of those gents opined that to really make a statement, rather than running up the score, Meyer will go for the shut out.
Justin: also sexual and violent
Daron: hahaha, very true. So, I think Meyer, goes up about 45-0 by mid 3rd quarter, and pulls first teams… but doesn’t call off the dogs. Still makes aggressive playcalls, and tells Charlie Strong to continue to dial up the pressure on Crompton/Stephens/Giant Catfish, whatever is playing QB at that point, and I think the Vols get in the endzone.
Justin: Boomsies
Daron: Bryce Brown (may his career as a football player wither away to nothing) gets loose, or Marsalis Teague, or perhaps ol’ NuKeese Richardson
Justin: Richardson would just be too poetic. I’m thinking in the 52-13 range
Daron: yeah
Justin: so, Slaughter
Daron: I was thinking 48-6, or 48-7. Death. Take that UT, I revel in your downfall

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