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Unbiased Picks: Syracuse @ Penn State

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Daron: well, Cuse actually looked like a football team on Saturday.  I was impressed by the difference a mildly competent quarterback and new coach (and unsuspended Mike Williams) could all make.  Until that essentially game ending pick he threw in ot, Paulus looked good and the defense played like there was a point to them being on the field. Now  obviously, this is against a Minnesota team that no one really can get a bead on in terms of how good they actually are.

Justin: I watched the first half of that game and it was indeed a semi-competent looking Syracuse team. Paulus looked rusty, but un-lost, which was remarkable. I will also give them credit for some defense as Minnesota’s got some offensive weapons in Weber and Decker.

Daron: Yeah Decker was monstrous, but that was it

Justin: I mean, Syracuse hasn’t exactly been formidable on defense as of late

Daron: hahaha, truth

Justin: So some reason for hope. Perhaps.  Paulus-based hope. Something wrong with that statement.  And as for Penn State, Daaaaaarrylll looked (sounded? seemed?) sharp against Akron, good enough for POTW.

Daron:  <gaaaaasp> they may have reloaded, somewhat, at the WR.

Justin: You know, i think receiver is a position that is overrated, dramatically. Everyone loves to have elite receivers, but its really not necessary for success. Especially in college

Daron: yeah.  you need competence and the ability to catch. Worryingly for Penn State:

Wherefore art thou, ground game?  30 rushes for 136 yards

Justin: yeah you take away that carry from Daly, they have 29 carries for 99

Daron: yeah

Justin: < 100 against a mid-rate MAC team. Even with that many passing yards

Daron: truth. Royster had a respectable 4.3 ypc. If he was playing a BigTeleven team.  NOT Akron

Justin: granted taking away the long run of the day is a bit (a lot) disingenuous thing to do

Daron: true. But it’s not when it’s not one of their two primary ball carriers

Justin: Also to be fair, Clark will likely carry the ball more in games that they can’t sleep walk through.

Daron: royster had 14 for 61, and green decided to showcase his big play ability with a seven for ten yards performance and that’s fair

Justin: The Defense of course did not disappoint by giving up a nice toasty 41 yd td, while also getting 4 sacks on 28 drop backs

Daron: they’re gonna be good, We all knew that.  Big story, I guess, is they generated a pass rush but I think the play of Nate Stupar (in place of Bowman, who got a little dinged) was apparently pretty good (although, disclaimer, that may be taking BlackShoeDiaries too much at their word)

Justin: haha that’s fair. Holding a team under a yard per carry isn’t a bad achievement either.

Daron: True  although, looking at the box score:  Nate Stupar: 8 solo, 4 assisted led the team  and a sack, so, sexy as they claimed

Justin: Indeed.  So the two questions for this game are: 1. How much does Penn State win by?  and 2. How long, in game time, does Paulus go before dying?

Daron: Here’s the thing: I think a score along the lines of 38-20 isn’t out of the question.  But I’m wary for the same reasons as I was with Akron. Mildly competent passing? Could be a problem, particularly as Paulus was pretty elusive back there against the Gophers

Justin: Yeah, and Mike Williams is better than anyone that they faced last week

Daron: And PSU nullified their secondary concerns last week by simply making life in the pocket untenable

Justin: That’s gonna be the story of their season

Daron: yeah, no argument there. The dbs had three break ups, I believe

Justin: My prediction for the game is something in the neighborhood of 42-17

Daron: I like it

Justin: and that paulus is properly welcomed to college football by minute 12

Daron:  I mean, I don’t see him getting knocked out of the game. I do see him taking some shots, but he’s slippery… I bet that he’s more often than not caught in the open field than in the pocket.

Justin: that’s fair. Seems like that’s probably enough on that stupid game.  i think it’s gonna be uggggleeeee

Daron: hahaha, fair enough. I think PSU will look good offensively, and cuse gives ’em a game for 2.5 quarters

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