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Unbiased Picks: Penn State @ Michigan

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Justin: Penn State! Michigan! Referees at Michigan! It’s a death match!
Daron: Honestly, I think PSU’s defense will be probelmatic for M. But, I think we all knew that M was going to have more problems once they got into the meat of their schedule
Justin: Michigan has not accelled against the big 10 defenses, save indiana
Daron: excelled?
Justin: same thing
Daron: or is that short for accelerated?
Justin: i had that. i don’t know, Fuck english
Daron: hahahaha indeed
Justin: they did OK about Iowa
Daron: However, Penn State has yet to have their offense, you know, show up
Justin: 20 points against minnesota is less than impressive. Sadly, michigan’s defense may be just the recipe needed to fix that
Daron: granted, it was 19 points more than they needed
Justin: indeed. Plus, rushing game woke up a bit with 137 from Royster. And Michigan can’t afford the “Make Daryll Clark beat us” approach, so there should be room to run
Daron: he’s capable, and so is who ever is in the slot because it’s either brown on the slot receiver, or Mike
Justin: The Mike, AKA the touchdown maker
Daron: yeah Angry Michigan Safety Hating God continues his reign
Justin: It’ll be interesting to see what PSU does with their O-Line here, because, amazingly, Michigan’s D-line is probably the second best they’ve seen and is turning into a good-very good line
Daron: yeah, you think they double graham?
Justin: I think you have to, so it comes down to the other side and gotta get pressure from Mike Martin. UFRs have been increasingly kind to Van Bergen
Daron: or Roh…
Justin: It’ll be interesting to see if Roh can tackle Clark.
Daron: Not sure he can, but yeah
Justin: He’s never tackled a man that size, so could be a shock
Daron: hahaha, so very true. A welcome to the Big Televen moment?
Justin: Yeah I could totally see that. So I think the D-line’s gotta completely stone them and hope Clark forgets where Warren plays
Daron: hahaha
Justin: and that Woolfolk can continue to play okay
Daron: true
Justin: I think Michigan’s probably still gotta score somewhere north of 24 points to win this game and I don’t know that I see that
Daron: yeah, not sure I do either
Justin: Forcier’s gotta play sharp…not the Big 10 forcier. ND Forcier.
Daron: truth
Justin: Molk coming back could be big though…if the line improves, it’s not out of the question
Daron: well, the line is gonna be rough, too. Well, these DTs are better than any they’ve played yet
Justin: also true
Daron: which’ll produce a different sorta pressure
Justin: So Molk coming back, obviously key
Daron: yeah
Justin: Penn State leads the big 10 in just about all defense
Daron: and the LBs, if they produce any pressure
Justin: though they haven’t so much played any offenses
Daron: that Defense is rough, regardless of whom they’ve played
Justin: definitely. you can’t play any better about the competition than they have. I’m thinking that this will be a close game. I think Forcier has a rebound game at home, but ultimately comes up short … 31-21, visitors
Daron: hmmm, I think it’s low scoring
Justin: 6-4?
Daron: because M’s D isn’t gonna be enough to really jump the PSU offense much. 21-17?
I see a few more mistakes from the QB spot coming
Justin: No freshman quarterback has ever made a terrible turnover mistake against Penn State
Daron: true, nor will they! But anyways, something in the 21-17, 24-21 range. If PSU can’t murder Illinois by more than 18, then, you know, it could be close.
Justin: Obviously it’s clear PSU is no Indiana

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