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Unbiased Picks: Michigan @ Michigan State

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Justin: So Michigan Vs.Michigan State
Daron: A surprisingly effective offense vs. a surprisingly effective offense. And a suspect defense vs. a shockingly suspect defense
Justin: and two defenses that seemingly can’t stop ANYBODY
Daron: yeah, MSU can stop the run, but not the pass. UM is moderately accomplished against the pass, less so against the run.
Justin: First MSU
Daron: 1-3, desperate for a win
Justin: they let Wiscy throw for 243 and 4 (!!) Tds
Daron: well, Mr. Tolzien is a hero, a veritable god among QB
Justin: and throw in 142 yards and a TD to John Clay
Daron: who will get his! he’s too big and sexy to be denied
Justin: and you get yourself 436 Net Offense to a team taht only scored 28 points against N. Illinois
Daron: (disclaimer: I want John Clay on all my football teams always forever)
Justin: it’s a good thing to want, he’s a freakin’ animal. He’s TJ Duckett, but with above average speed!
Daron: I know. I want the raiders to draft him, and enact the Tyrone Wheatley payment clause
Daron: YES
Justin: Michigan’s Defense, is equally suspect.
Daron: yes, particularly if you run or throw at anyone not named Donovan Warren
Justin: after holding the vaunted EMU offense to 17 points, the Indiana Pistol broke through for only a paltry 36. Michigan’s Defense features 2 great players, 2 players that will probably be great in the future (Martin and Roh), a couple serviceable guys (Brown, Van Bergen…ish) and a lot of crap behind that
Daron: yes, they are one or two injuries away from utter catastrophe
Justin: oh god yes. frankly, they might not need any
Daron: true
Justin: they could get a catastrophe anyway
Daron: Apparently Cissoko and Floyd are engaged in a good ol’ fashioned who can suck more competition. always good
Justin: thats always what you want to be going on in the 5th game for a 4-0 team. always good for the future
Daron: oh yes. uncertainty at a corner + much certainty at the other corner = I hope you roll your coverage and no one makes you pay for it
Justin: Indeed. So bottom line, Michigan absolutely needs to win this game. The schedule to come includes only delaware state that’s a gimme. If they lose here, they could very conceivably be looking at 5-6 heading into tOSU, which is not a position this team wants to be in.
Daron: no, not at all. they lose this one, there’s all sorts of potential for problems. now, same goes from MSU. who, frankly has even less margin for error at this point
Justin: That said, if they win this game, and get out of october with 2 losses, they could be sitting pretty for new years.
Daron: mmmm, Outback steakhouse
Justin: Michigan state does have jNW, Minnesota, and WMU still on teh schedule. But agreed. So do you think Uncle Mark pulls this one out?
Daron: because any of those is a gimme?
Justin: no
Daron: I dunno. I picked against M before, and felt foolish
Justin: but, i’d rather have those than at illinois, purdue, and at wisc
Daron: true. hmmmm I think M stubs its toe. I think Forcier, who has started to look MORE like a freshman as the season has progressed (only natural with an increased sample size) will do something silly, throw while parallel to the ground or some such
Justin: always the risk. Score?
Daron: 37-31
Justin: Such a low scoring, classic big 10 matchup. I’m gonna flip it, call it 34-27 for Michigan.
Daron: yeah, defense is taking a hiatus this year
Justin: Defense is tired after all this time

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